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7 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Cannabis Consumer in Your Life

If you feel like New Year’s Eve was only yesterday, you’re not the only one. Now, we’re rounding the corner on our next big holiday, and it’s the sweetheart gift-giving season! If you have a valentine (or several!) that you want to spoil this year, we’ve got a few suggestions. Many of us know a new cannabis consumer or two, and we’re stoked to share this beloved plant with more people in our lives. Use this holiday season as the perfect way to give them something to support their new interests. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Valentine’s Day gift ideas to inspire your shopping endeavors. 

What to Get the New Cannabis Fan? 

There are so many intriguing options for cannabis lovers these days that it can be hard to narrow them down. If you are stuck deciding what to get, check out our list for a little THC-themed inspiration. 

Wynk THC & CBD Sparkling Seltzers

Wynk is the perfect gift for those new to cannabis. Not only is it an excellent alternative to smoking for those that prefer other options, but the dose is just right. Wynk drinks contain 2.5mg THC and 2.5mg CBD for a balanced buzz. THC drinks are a lovely place to start for newcomers to cannabis since they offer a mellow high that kicks in within about 15 minutes yet dissipates in just over an hour.

Choose from Juicy Mango, Lime Twist, or Black Cherry Fizz. Find Wynk at a retailer near you, swoop a few 4-packs for your friends and family, or stock up your fridge for your next social event. Want to spice up the holiday bar? Check out these THC mocktail recipes using all three Wynk flavors of seltzer.

A Unique Smoking Piece

Some people like to sip their cannabis, and others enjoy the smoking experience. In that case, every toker deserves a shiny new pipe! And why not make it entirely unique? The Fruit Fantasy pipe may look like your average apple from Old Pal Provisions, but it’s a cleverly disguised handheld pipe. Made for a smooth smoking experience, this piece will be sure to please any cannabis fan in your life. 

Valentine's Day gift ideas

Creativity Journal & Coloring Book

Cannabis and creativity often go hand in hand. In fact, cannabis interacts with the part of our brain where creativity and divergent thinking are born. So what happens when you combine a nice mellow high with adult activity books? Well, we guess you’ll just have to find out! The Pilgrim Soul Creative Thinking Journal and Mood Enhancing Coloring Book were specifically made to be used when high. Elevate your creativity and see where your imagination takes you. 

For the Canna Chef

Cannabis in the kitchen? Why not! So many recipes can be tweaked to include a bit of THC or CBD, so inspire the aspiring canna chefs in your life with the Bong Appetit cookbook. Some recipes call for dried buds, while others only need the bigger leaves. There are recipes that are meant to get you high, while others only call for crushed buds to add flavor to a dish. This book is a culinary guide and a cannabis education wrapped into one unique gift for cannabis enthusiasts. 

Cannabis-Themed Decor

We’re not talking about bong posters or those centerfold bud photos from High Times. We mean elevated art for adults that just so happens to highlight cannabis. It can be both beautiful and educational, and fill up that empty space on a lonely wall. Etsy has a handful of gorgeous pieces, like this botanical print. If you’re looking for something a little more rock ‘n roll, check out this marijuana metal art

Valentine's Day gift ideas

Cannabis Board Game

If you haven’t played Ganjaland, you’re missing out! Gift this to the host or hostess of your next holiday party and bust it out after dinner. Make your way to a jolly green castle and win the cannabis crown! But honestly, most games are fun if there’s a little cannabis buzz involved. We like Tell Me Without Telling Me, Stoner Trivia, and Freedom of Speech. Don’t forget to bring a few cases of Wynk to game night!

High-Quality Cannabis Merch

Old Pal Provisions makes super cozy clothing and adorable accessories for cannabis fans. Their clothing isn’t overtly pro-weed, so you can wear it without someone raising a red flag (if your pals prefer discretion). Or, get their ‘Smoking Grass is Pleasure to Treasure’ tee for the ones in your life who are out and proud about their cannabis consumption! Check out all of their goodies that are 50% off, and score some cool merchandise from a rad company. 

Happy Valentine’s Day from Wynk

We hope you have just as much fun shopping as you do gifting this year. While you’re at it, don’t forget to pick up a little something for yourself for Valentine’s Day. You deserve it! 

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