Top 3 THC Mocktails for Summer

It’s finally here. The warmer days of summer are creeping in and for many of us that means more gatherings with our friends and family. As you plan your backyard barbeques and poolside parties, don’t forget to prepare a curated list of cocktails to offer your guests. For folks that prepare to skip on the alcohol, or like to mix it up, cannabis mocktails are the perfect alternative. 

Sipp’n Cannabis

If you haven’t tried a cannabis drink yet, let this summer inspire you to shake things up. THC-infused beverages are a great alternative to alcohol, or just a nice break from the average beer. Wynk’s cannabis seltzers are made with equally low doses of THC and CBD so you can drink a can for a microdose of cannabis without feeling too intoxicated to hang out for the party. 

Cannabis drinks offer a mellow buzz that leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and cool as a cucumber. Sip a can of Wynk and you’ll feel the effects within about 15 minutes. The buzz tends to last for about 90 minutes, so you can plan accordingly if you’d like another round. 

Wynk seltzers are made with natural flavors and taste great on their own, but we kind of like mixing up mocktails to elevate our bliss-inducing seltzers.

THC Mocktail Recipes

Sparkling seltzer is the perfect mixer for any kind of drink. With just 2.5 mg THC and 2.5 mg CBD, Wynk sparkling seltzers provide a calm and controlled dose of cannabis for a hangover free happy hour. For your next cocktail hour, try one of our latest and greatest THC mocktail recipes, or mix and match to make your own. 

Sunset Sparkler

Enjoy the citrusy tang of our Lime Twist for this booze-free take on a Tequila Sunrise.

Sunset Sparkler

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Black Cherry Midnight Mocktail

The rich, bold flavors of our Black Cherry Fizz combine with a refreshing undertone of basil for a delicious and refreshing flavor combination.

Black Cherry Cannabis Cocktail

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Mango Mojito

Put on your sunscreen, blow up the pool floats, and prepare your taste buds for a refreshing tropical vacation.

Mango Mojito cannabis drink

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