Alcohol Free Activities for Dry January Fun: Guide to NYC, Chicago, and Boston

Discover a variety of metropolitan activities for Dry January in Chicago, Boston, and NYC. Did you know you could find shuffleboard in Chicago? Or vintage bowling in Boston? Have a WYNK, and exercise your imagination. While it may seem bleak, it’s possible to make this winter fun without the booze.
Dry January Guide to NYC Chicago and Boston

As Dry January gains momentum, suddenly all your drinking buddies are participating. This month-long exercise will force us to get creative to find ways to hang out without day drinking, bar crawling, or Sunday beer sipping. This January, we’re exploring fun, alcohol-free activities in some of America’s major cities.

Whether you’re in Chicago, Boston, or NYC, there’s no shortage of ways to get out and enjoy the winter months for Dry January Fun. Plus, you can enhance these experiences with a can of WYNK Seltzer + THC. A buzz similar to beer or hard seltzer, but one that doesn’t make you throw in the towel on Dry January.

Chicago: An Indoor Shuffleboard Paradise

Excitement fills the air at an indoor shuffleboard club in Chicago where friends enjoy the best alcohol alternative with WYNK THC Seltzer. A woman in casual attire skillfully plays shuffleboard while holding a can of refreshing cannabis drink, embodying a fun, non-alcohol drink option for social gatherings. Her friend cheers her on with a microdose drink in hand, highlighting the popularity of THC drinks as a healthy alcohol alternative to relax and socialize.

Chicago’s winter can be cold and windy, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Head over to Royal Palms in Chicago for a game of shuffleboard, without the trip to Florida. This trendy spot is not just for playing games, it’s a great spot to meet up with friends and be a spectator at one of their league nights. And for those embracing Dry January, you can grab a WYNK at the bar. 2.5mg and 5mg options available for all tolerances and taste levels. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the indoor palm trees without alcohol. The WYNK will help make you believe you’re somewhere warm.

Boston: Vintage Bowling Nights

Close-up view of a vintage bowling ball return system with a set of richly hued bowling balls ready for the next game. The retro orange and white color scheme evokes a nostalgic ambiance, reminiscent of classic leisure activities that pair perfectly with a can of WYNK's best alcohol alternative, inviting bowlers to enjoy a microdose THC beverage between frames.

Boston’s old city charm doesn’t fade in winter. For a nostalgic evening, visit Southie Bowl. This vintage bowling alley offers a cozy, retro vibe, perfect for those chilly nights. Gather your friends for a friendly bowling competition. Order a WYNK at the bar. It’s just like ordering an alcoholic drink at a bowling alley, except this one won’t give you a hangover.

New York City: Eclectic Museums, and Shopping!

A hand gently rests on a four-pack of WYNK Lime Twist THC Seltzer, set against a lively social backdrop. The packaging promotes a refreshing, infused drink experience with a microdose THC blend, ideal for consumers seeking a cannabidiol drink as a healthy alcohol alternative. This image captures the ease of choosing WYNK's cannabis drinks, a perfect non-alcohol drink option for those looking for non-alcoholic alternatives like THC seltzer in New York City.

NYC, the city that never sleeps, offers endless possibilities, even in winter. Start your day with a visit to one of the city’s iconic museums. Whether it’s modern art or historical exhibits, you’ll find something that piques your interest. After immersing yourself in culture, take a leisurely walk through Central Park. The park’s winter beauty is serene and a must-see. And what better way to enhance this experience than some shipping with a can of WYNK? Easily available at Modern Chemist in Manhattan or Brooklyn, where you can also browse boutique stationery, quirky candles, and all the latest hair care and beauty products–all in one place.

Added Benefits of Participating in Dry January Fun

A group of friends enjoy a lively conversation at a cozy evening gathering, with two cans of WYNK THC Seltzer prominently displayed on the table. The scene captures the essence of drink edibles as a social, alcohol alternative drink, with one person holding a can, signaling the choice of a microdose THC beverage over traditional alcohol, reinforcing the trend of cannabis drink as a go-to for modern socializing.

Dry January is more than just a month without alcohol; it’s a chance to dive deep, and think outside of the box to create new hobbies, connect with old friends in new ways, and explore your city’s offerings. Whether it’s Chicago’s social bar game scene, Boston’s vintage bowling alleys, or NYC’s cultural and natural treasures, there’s a wealth of activities to enjoy. Find WYNK near you!

These activities prove that Dry January can be as fulfilling and social as any other month. Embrace this alcohol-free month with creativity, and remember, WYNK available to add a light and balanced buzz to your seemingly lackluster, and holiday-less month.

Explore WYNK’s Non-Alcoholic Options | Dive into Our Guide to Enjoying Dry January

Whether you’ve turned last year’s Dry January into an ongoing lifestyle, or you’re trying it out for your first time, our comprehensive guide offers tips, ideas, and inspiration to make the most of this alcohol free month.

These resources are designed to inspire you throughout Dry January and beyond. Whether it’s finding the perfect beverage to replace alcohol, learning new ways to enjoy activities without booze, or keeping up with your wellness resolutions, we’ve got you covered.

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