THC Drinks at the Jersey Shore


Welcome to the Jersey Shore: Your Guide to THC-Infused Summer Drinks

As the warmer months approach, New Jerseyans, as well as the shoobies and bennies (aka the tourists), eagerly await their trips to the mystical, magical Jersey Shore. And what better way to elevate your experience than with a refreshing can of WYNK? Whether you’re catching rays in Stone Harbor, meandering through Egg Harbor, hanging out in Somers Point, or enjoying the rides in Point Pleasant, there are several establishments where you can snag a WYNK to enhance your seaside adventures.

Fred’s Tavern: A Stone Harbor Staple

Location: Stone Harbor

Fred’s Tavern is a three-in-one-stop – restaurant, bar, and liquor store. It’s what dreams are made of. Deep in the heart of Stone Harbor, Fred’s Tavern is a favorite local spot that has been serving up cold drinks and comfort food since 1945. Unwind after a long day soaking up the sun with a WYNK, or take one to-go from the liquor store for your next beach day. With a casual vibe and a diverse array of drinks, Fred’s Tavern is the perfect place to stop when you’re looking to kick back.

Passion Vines: Your Egg Harbor THC Beverage Connection

Location: Egg Harbor

Over in Egg Harbor Township, Passion Vines is the destination for cannabis connoisseurs. Stock up your cooler with a few WYNKs and snacks from their market for a full day ahead soaking up the sun. Their expert staff can help you navigate their selection of WYNK beverages and delicious munchies, ensuring you find the perfect items for your time at the shore. And with Egg Harbor’s quaint streets and scenic beauty, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to enjoy your fizzy drink in a charming setting.

Circle Liquor Store: The Gateway to Ocean City

Location: Somers Point

Circle Liquor Store is just a hop, skip, and jump from Ocean City. As Ocean City is dry, you’ll want to stock up on your favorite WYNK libations before you head over. Whether you’re just gearing up for the day, planning for a sunset picnic or going for the weekend, you’ll want to stop here to get everything you need. To drink anyway.

Spirits Unlimited: The Heart of Point Pleasant

Location: Point Pleasant

Located in the boisterous seaside town of Point Pleasant, Spirits Unlimited is a go-to destination for those in search of WYNK. Whether you’re strolling along the boardwalk or spending the day on the beach, Spirits Unlimited has all the essentials for a memorable Jersey Shore experience. With Point Pleasant’s energetic atmosphere and vibrant nightlife, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to enjoy your THC-infused libation with friends.

Embrace the THC Trend at the Jersey Shore

This summer as you’re enjoying your time at the Jersey Shore, frolicking in the sun, sand, and surf, don’t forget pack a refreshing can of WYNK to add a little buzz to your day. Whether you’re in Stone Harbor, Egg Harbor, Somers Point, or Point Pleasant, there are several spots where you can snag one of our tantalizing beverages. So, next time you’re planning a trip to the Jersey Shore, be sure to stop by one of these locations and savor the relaxing taste of summer.

Cheers to a memorable and refreshing summer at the Jersey Shore!

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