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Beat the heat of Arizona's summer with a cannabis beverage that chillaxes your mind and body. WYNK cannabis seltzers are the perfect compliment to triple-digit temps, afternoons poolside, or admiring a gorgeous desert sunset.


You could say we’re like an old friend: reliable, low maintenance and always down to hang. We help take the edge off, but never overstay our welcome.

Good Company

Mixed with a little something extra meant to help you unwind in a whole new way.

Keep it Real

All-natural fruit flavors with seltzer.


Get a light buzz in about 10-15 minutes.

Say No to Hangover

No alcohol means no riding the struggle bus in the morning.

Review from Our Fave WYNK fan in AZ: @microstepper

"I'm not looking to get stoned, I'm looking for the equivalent of a glass of wine or a glass of champagne... This is it"