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Best Social Golf Courses in Arizona

Golf is a great sport for a number of reasons. It can be a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend time outdoors, and it is also a great form of exercise, as you can walk the course and get some fresh air and sunshine. It’s a low-impact exercise that is appealing and accessible to all ages and all fitness levels. Golf can also be a social activity, as it is a wonderful way to spend time with friends or make new ones.

It’s no wonder 25 million people played on a golf course in 2021, and another 12 million hit the driving range or participated in activities like golf simulators. Golf is widely loved! So, if you’ve never played a round, 2023 just might be your year. There are plenty of great golf courses in Arizona, and the top ten courses for beginners are listed below. Plus, we’ll dig into the idea that a little cannabis just might help your performance on the green. 

Golf and Green: What You Need to Know

Golf can also be a challenging and rewarding sport, as it requires a combination of physical and mental skills. It can help to improve your concentration, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills. Many people say the same about cannabis, claiming it helps them sharpen their focus and hone in on any given activity. 

While research on the effects of cannabis is still ongoing, many athletes have reported that cannabinoids like THC and CBD have helped them to manage physical pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, anxiety, respiratory conditions, and insomnia. Some researchers have even suggested that cannabis products may be classified as performance-enhancing substances. However, other studies have disputed this claim, arguing that there is not enough evidence to support this classification.

golf courses in arizona

Despite the potential benefits of cannabis for athletes, the plant is still illegal at the federal level in the United States, which can create challenges for athletes who use it. As research on cannabis and sports performance continues, it will be important to consider both the potential benefits and potential risks of cannabis use for athletes.

While the scientific community is still trying to determine whether cannabis can actually improve your golf game, many golfers have already taken matters into their own hands and tried it out for themselves. Golf Digest even published a humorous article that compares rounds of golf played with and without cannabis, using doses ranging from a microdose to a whopping 50mg. While we wouldn’t recommend such high doses, it’s an interesting read.

Give THC Drinks a Try

If you’re interested in combining THC and tee time, you might consider a pre-game gathering and a case of Wynk sparkling seltzers. Each can contains a mild dose of THC and CBD, so you can tap into the benefits of these cannabinoids without getting so stoned that you forget how to swing. Not interested in catching a buzz beforehand? Instead, have an after-game happy hour and relax with a can or two. 

Wynk sparkling seltzers are sugar and calorie-free, so you can unwind with peace of mind that you aren’t putting anything harmful into your body. Cannabis drinks are a leisurely way to unwind after 18 holes. 

Top 10 Courses for a Day With Your Friends

Arizona is a golfer’s paradise, and if you’re visiting the Phoenix area for the big game on February 12, 2023, you’re in luck! Take some time to hit the links and experience the beauty of the courses. Not only will you get to soak up the sun and perfect your swing, but you’ll also have the opportunity to bond with friends or make new ones. Golfing is the perfect way to make the most out of your trip and create lasting memories. So pack your clubs and head to the greens, it’s time to tee off!

The Duke at Rancho El Dorado

Located in Maricopa, this course is known for its wide fairways and large greens, making it a great course for beginners. In addition to the 18-hole course, there is also a driving range so you can perfect your form and dial in the ideal swing. The price for a round of golf is $40.

Rio Verde Country Club

This golf course in Rio Verde has something for players of every skill level, with a range of tee boxes to choose from. In addition to the 18-hole course, there are also practice facilities available for players who want to hone their skills. At just $40 a round, this is a course you’ll play again and again. 

Pebble Creek Golf Club

This Goodyear golf course is perfect for beginners, with wide fairways and large greens that make it easier to play. In addition to the 18-hole course, there is also a driving range and practice facilities available for players who want to work on their swing. A round of golf at this course costs $50.

Longbow Golf Club

Located in Mesa, the Longbow golf course is suitable for players of all abilities, with a range of tee boxes to choose from. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll find a challenge here. In addition to the 18-hole course, there is also a driving range and practice facilities available for players who want to improve their game. A round of golf at this course costs $50.

The Legend at Arrowhead

This Glendale golf course is a great choice for beginners, with wide fairways and large greens that make it easier to play. In addition to the 18-hole course, there are also plenty of practice areas, including an expansive driving range where you can focus on your swing. A round of golf at this course costs $50.

Pointe South Mountain Golf Club

Located right in Phoenix, the Pointe South Mountain Golf Club offers plenty of tee boxes to choose from, making it perfect for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been playing for years, you’ll find a challenge here. And if you want to work on your game, spend a little pre-tee time on the driving range. Best of all, a round of golf here only costs $40. 

Coldwater Golf Club

Located in the West Valley of Phoenix, the Coldwater Golf Club features gorgeous fairways and large greens that make it easier for new players to enjoy the game. Each hole has its own character, beauty, and challenges that come together to create a course that will test players of all skill levels. The breathtaking surroundings and challenging layout will have you wanting to come back and play again and again. Players can sign up for $50 for a round of golf. 

Legacy Golf Club 

Come play at this Phoenix golf course that caters to players of all skill levels. It has a variety of tee boxes and a driving range, plus a short game complex with an enormous putting green, practice bunker, and separate chipping and pitching green. A round of golf costs $50, and it’s worth every penny at this beautiful and engaging course. 

Wildfire Golf Club

Located in Phoenix, the Palmer Signature Course is a real treat for beginning golfers. With its stunning scenery and expansive fairways, you’ll be back for more. The bunkering on this course is superb, and the putting greens have plenty of undulation, just like Arnold Palmer intended. At 7,145 yards, it’s a challenging course that will keep you on your toes. This course is a luxury experience, and pricing starts at $119. 

Royal Palms Golf Course

The Royal Palms Golf Course is a fun, challenging 9-hole Links-style course in Mesa. With water and bunkers on six of the holes, it’s tough but still suitable for beginners and families. A Par of 30 might sound easy, but narrow fairways and water hazards make it a challenge for players of all skill levels. Get ready to have a great time at a very affordable price of $25.

Catch Wynk on the Links During the PGA Tour

The decision to use cannabis while golfing is up to you. Remember to adhere to all state laws, which means no driving under the influence! Yes, that includes golf carts. Consider this an excellent opportunity to get in your steps while walking the course. 

To stock up on Wynk sparkling seltzers for your pre or post-game buzz,  find a store location near you. Or better yet, visit us at the WM Phoenix Open on February 6-12, 2023. This leg of the PGA tour is not to be missed. Crowds of twenty thousand people show up to watch the game, including the iconic 16th hole – a 163-yard par 3 shot – officially dubbed “the loudest place in golf.” Instead of keeping chatter to a minimum while players take their shots, this is the hole where cheering and chanting are encouraged. 

We can’t wait to be there! Keep an eye out for people in Wynk gear. We’re going to be handing out coupons for free samples that you can redeem at any Arizona Harvest dispensary location. So stop by and say hi, we’d love to meet you. 

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