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, cannabidiol drinks wynk thc water

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The WYNK Experience Pack includes:

  • Black Cherry Fizz 6-Pack
  • Lime Twist 6-Pack
  • Juicy Mango 6-Pack
  • Tangerine 6-Pack

With 24 total cans, all with our perfectly balanced 1:1 ratio, you’ll be ready to serve up a light, bubbly buzz to suit any palate.


Curious why

, cannabidiol drinks wynk thc water

is the go-to alcohol alternative?

Balanced 🍃 to 🌿 Ratio

You know how hanging out with your friends brings out the best in you? Well, that’s exactly what happens when our perfectly balanced ratio comes together in every can of WYNK. Our 1:1 ratio means a light, bubbly buzz that makes for an enjoyable alternative to alcohol.

No Alcohol, No Hangovers

With zero alcohol, WYNK allows you to hang out without the hangover. Enjoy the social buzz without the next-day regrets.

Quick Onset, Manageable Duration

Unlike traditional edibles, WYNK allows for a quicker onset and a predictable effect. Feel the balanced buzz in about 10 to 15 minutes, with the experience lasting around an hour and a half.

Zero Calories, Zero Sugar

WYNK offers the pleasure of a leisurely drink without the calorie load or sugar content, making it an appealing choice for a wide range of dietary preferences. This combination of zero calories, absence of sugar, and being gluten-free makes it a suitable option for those who are calorie-conscious, reducing sugar intake, or require gluten-free products, seeking a lighter and healthier alternative to traditional beverages.


Balanced, Light, and Social

With WYNK’s perfectly balanced 1:1 ratio, you can expect a light, bubbly buzz that’s enjoyable any night of the week.

, cannabidiol drinks wynk thc water
0 Calories 0 sugar
, cannabidiol drinks wynk thc water

Black Cherry Fizz

Tasty tang of ripe
black cherries

Lime Twist

Just-right zip
of citrus

Juicy Mango

Bubbly and light, like 
a breezy afternoon


Tangy citrus burst paired with
a delicate sweetness

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