Top 3 THC Mocktails for Fall

It’s time to embrace Fall with open arms and a cozy beverage. The holiday season has begun and before we slip into the colder days of winter, let’s make a few THC mocktails for fall! So if you’ve wanted to skip on the alcohol but still enjoy a mellow buzz, we’ve got the perfect suggestions.

Cozy Up With Cannabis Beverages

This season we’re celebrating all things warming, spiced, and herbal. Fall harvest means plenty of delectable ingredients to infuse with Wynk sparkling seltzers for a flavorful alcohol-free mocktail that will have you serving up seconds. 

Each can of Wynk contains equal doses of THC and CBD, so you can have a drink or two without feeling too unbalanced at a weekend or holiday gathering. Besides, alcohol just leaves you feeling puckered and parched with a next-day hangover that is never worth it. So, skip the booze and indulge in something even more delicious.

3 THC Mocktails With All the Fall Vibes

Wynk is the perfect microdose of THC and CBD, and with three refreshing flavors to choose from, the mocktail possibilities are endless. A can of Wynk kicks in within about 15 minutes, and the buzz lasts about 90 minutes, so you can decide whether or not you’d like another round. Although they taste amazing on their own, once you see these recipes, you’ll want to spice things up!

Spiced Pear Punch

The ideal sweater-weather beverage. It’s spicy and sweet, with a punch of citrus. You won’t forget this mocktail. 

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Thyme Citrus Sparkler

THC, CBD, and turmeric make this drink soothing for sore muscles. Enjoy after a long hike exploring fall foliage. 

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Cherry Apple Fizz

Sweet, fruity, with a spicy ginger zip. It’s like a non-alcoholic sangria made for cooler days. Best enjoyed with your friends. 

Get some Wynk and make these THC Mocktails!

As you settle into the spirit of Fall, we hope you try one of our THC mocktails or create some of your own. Find a location near you and try all three of Wynk’s THC seltzers. Get creative, and if you whip up something fantastic, be sure to send us the recipe!