Raise a Glass (of THC) to International Hangover Day

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On August 5, beer enthusiasts celebrate International Beer Day – a day devoted to drinking the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage. And naturally, August 6 has been dubbed International Hangover Day. We don’t know about you, but we aren’t all that into celebrating those dreadful side effects of overindulging in alcohol. No thanks!

So this year, we encourage you to evaluate your relationship with alcohol (hangovers) and perhaps bid them adieu. Instead, why not embrace a buzz that doesn’t bite back? Deep down, we know that party culture might not have our best interests at heart, so it’s up to us to shift the paradigm! 

WYNK is here to help. No more morning-after headaches or cringe-worthy memories – just pure joy, meaningful connections, and delicious THC seltzers to keep you feeling good. So, as International Hangover Day rolls around, we invite you to make the shift from hangovers to hangouts. 

Let’s celebrate in a way that leaves us feeling fantastic – both during the gathering and the day after. With WYNK as your social sidekick, you can party it up without the next-day blues, creating unforgettable memories with friends, old and new.

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Embrace the Buzz That Doesn’t Bite Back

Throughout the years, we’ve gathered for countless occasions, and it often seemed that alcohol was the glue that held our parties together. From clinking glasses in merriment to embracing liquid courage, we’ve made alcohol a central part of our social rituals.

But the landscape is shifting, and so are our priorities. We’re becoming more mindful of our mental and physical well-being, rethinking how we revel and connect. 

Here’s the good news – there’s a better way to get buzzed, and it doesn’t come with the baggage of booze. WYNK is leading the charge with THC-infused seltzers, offering a new kind of party experience that leaves us feeling good inside and out. With WYNK, we can all elevate our hangouts without sacrificing our well-being or our connections. It’s time to embrace a new era of celebration, any night of the week.

, cannabidiol drinks wynk thc water

Social Connections and WYNK

WYNK is your guilt-free, buzz-filled social sidekick. With WYNK’s THC:CBD seltzers, you can elevate your party game without any of the downsides. Zero calories, zero alcohol, and zero sugar – WYNK is all about providing a balanced blend of THC and CBD that promises a delightful buzz without the heavy morning-after consequences.

The effects kick in within 15 minutes and last about 90 minutes, so you can quickly assess the right amount to have a good time. 

But WYNK is more than just a beverage; it’s a catalyst for forming deeper connections with your nearest and dearest. WYNK brings out the best in each hangout, making memories that will have you reminiscing with joy.

, cannabidiol drinks wynk thc water

From Hangovers to Hangouts

It’s time to shift our perspective on hangovers and embrace hangouts with WYNK. Rather than waking up feeling groggy and regretful, why not wake up feeling refreshed, with memories of a night well spent? With WYNK by your side, you can say goodbye to the headache-inducing consequences of alcohol and hello to meaningful moments with your loved ones.

Raise your cans, raise your spirits, and let’s make every hangout a hangover-free celebration. It’s time to redefine the party culture and show the world how to have a blast without sacrificing our well-being. 

So, this International Hangover Day, let’s raise our cans – not as a toast to hangovers, but in celebration of hangouts and the buzz that never bites back.

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