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Why People Choose THC Over Booze

Have you ever considered swapping your beer for THC seltzer? 
Choosing THC over Booze

If you’re wondering why people choose THC over booze, there are plenty of good reasons. With less stigma and increased social acceptance, cannabis is making its way into more social settings than ever before. Have you ever considered swapping your beer for THC seltzer? This trend is growing and for a good reason. THC drinks offer a mellow high without the long-term intoxication you expect from booze. The best part? No alcohol-induced hangover! So you can enjoy a Wynk (or two), have a chill time, and wake up feeling good tomorrow.  

The Rise of THC Beverages

Cannabis drinks weren’t so great during the early days of legalization. Manufacturers initially struggled to find the best way to infuse THC into drinks without hiccups like inconsistent dosage or separation inside the container. Not to mention many of the first beverages did not taste very good. Eating a hash-infused edible is one thing, but sipping on a drink that burns your throat is just not fun. 

Fortunately, THC drinks have come a long way, and with the help of scientists, manufacturers figured out how to make fat-soluble THC molecules water-soluble. The process is called nanoemulsion, which essentially reduces the molecules’ size so they can thoroughly homogenize into a liquid. This allows drink makers to infuse any liquid with THC, and every sip will contain equal amounts of active ingredients.

In addition, we now know how to mask that cannabis flavor and highlight the intended drink flavor. So, when you crack a can of Wynk THC Seltzers and take a sip, you will simply enjoy the fresh taste of Lime Twist, Juicy Mango, or Black Cherry Fizz. 

Choosing THC over Booze

These drastic improvements have attracted a whole new audience of cannabis enthusiasts and the cannabis curious alike. With low-dose options and plenty of form factors available, it’s easier than ever to drop the beer and drink a little THC instead. Curious about how drinking THC will affect you? Check out our blog comparing THC beverages and alcohol.

Trading Alcohol for THC Drinks

If you’re on the fence about giving up alcohol in favor of cannabis, consider a few pros and cons. You might find that THC has exactly what you’re looking for and replace alcohol permanently, or perhaps you just want an alternative from time to time. 

Pros of Choosing THC over Booze

  • Relaxation. Cannabis legalization started because patients sought the purported effects of the plant for various conditions. And like alcohol, many consume cannabis to relax.
  • Statistically safer. A 2015 study reports that the risk of marijuana-related mortality risk is 144 times less than compared of alcohol, which causes more than 140,000 deaths each year.
  • Often more affordable. Of course, this depends on how much you’re consuming and when, but overall, cannabis is a more affordable option. Cocktails and IPAs are not cheap, and a few drinks can lead to a hefty tab. Yet, a few cans of Wynk will offer the same duration of a good time for less of your hard-earned cash.
  • No alcohol hangovers. One of the biggest reasons people choose THC drinks over alcohol is because you will never end up with a booze-induced hangover. Avoiding that icky anxious feeling combined with a piercing headache as you would after a night of tossing back margaritas. Instead, you’ll wake up remembering the entire evening and feel refreshed.

Choosing THC over Booze, Can of WYNK Lime Twist THC Seltzer pouring into a THC mocktail

Cons of Choosing THC over Booze

  • Limited availability. There are still only a handful of states where THC beverages are legal. This will undoubtedly change with time, and for now, you can find Wynk in 10 states!
  • No public consumption. Perhaps the biggest bummer about THC drinks is that you can’t order one at a bar or restaurant. You also can’t drink them in public unless at a cannabis-approved event or establishment, which can be hard to come by. However, in states with legal THC drinks, you can often order delivery and get your drinks dropped off at your doorstep. 
  • Lingering stigma. Unfortunately, despite legality, some people are just not ready to accept cannabis use as part of daily life. Maybe you’ve encountered this with family or certain friend groups and felt uncomfortable consuming around them. This will change with more and more education, and we can all help push the needle in this direction. That said, Wynk is an excellent entry point for those interested in exploring the benefits of THC and CBD. And unlike smoking, Wynk is a discreet way of ingesting that looks and tastes like a flavored seltzer without the tell-tale scent of burned cannabis leaves. 

Experience the Unique Buzz with THC Seltzer

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