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One-Step Popsicle Mocktails For a Chilled Out 4th

One-Step Popsicle Mocktails

Every year when July 4th rolls around, we honestly feel pretty stunned. Time has passed too quickly, plans have gone unmade, and you can’t even fallback on launching those $5 driveway fireworks anymore without fear of starting the next big wildfire.

Looking to celebrate the birth of America without spending a ton of money or potentially losing an eye? We thought up a mocktail recipe as perfectly low effort as it is patriotic. The ingredients even come to you.

All you’ll need to blow your guests out of the water and ignite conversation (I’ll stop) is an Experience Pack of WYNK, and a timely visit from your neighborhood ice cream truck. (If you are truckless, store bought is fine).

We analyzed the usual frozen treat suspects and found the best ones to pair with our refreshing, fruity THC:CBD seltzers. Drop a pop in a cute glass filled with the WYNK of your choice, and you’ve got a festive, uncomplicated, mega-postable mocktail.


One-Step Popsicle MocktailsBlack Cherry Fizz + Bomb Pop

We’re starting off with Americana in a glass: the perfect red, white, and blue accessory–now that you’ve dug through your closet and came out empty handed. An ice-cold Cherry WYNK pairs perfectly with the classic Bomb Pop. Use the popsicle as a flavorful-filled stir stick that won’t water down your drink like plain old ice, and don’t forget to snap a patriotic pic.


Tangerine + Creamsicle

This combo is creamy, dreamy, and dependable. We’ve loved this pop since childhood, and our tart Tangerine WYNK is perfect for bringing out the zingy citrus and balancing the sweet cream. Kind of like a milkshake or a soda float, but easier, more fun, and for Adults Only.


Juicy Mango + Chamoy Bar

Sour, sweet, spicy, fruity, and addicting. This flavor combo will have you coming back for more. Marrying juicy mango with beloved toppings like Chamoy and Tajin creates a punch that will have everyone at the party following your lead. A Chamoy bar can come in many flavors, including tamarind, cucumber and coconut–you just can’t go wrong.

Lime Twist + Tear Jerkers Extra Sour Cups

This one may upset a few people, but stick with me. Interested in creating the most dark-sided, sour-on-sour twist on an affogato? Slushify your drink on a hot day by emptying the contents of the sour cup into a bowl, and doing a delicious WYNK pour over. Proudly consume with a spoon and ignore all judgment.



    • Popsicle
    • WYNK
    1. Place the popsicle of your choice in your favorite glass
    2. Pour in a can of WYNK
    3. Serve immediately

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