Uncovering Boston’s Best Non-Alcoholic Hotspots

Hello Bostonians! Come with us on a magical journey through Boston’s favorite sober-friendly gems, where the drinks flow freely (sans alcohol, obvs) and with a dash of THC magic. If you’re trying to steer clear of booze and all that comes with it, hangovers, cotton-mouth dehydration, and empty calories, but you still want a little buzz, we’ve got you. Instead of sticking to the usual boring soda, reach for something different – an ice-cold can of WYNK, the cannabis-infused fizzy drink. How fun does that sound? Get ready to rollicking good time without all the booze at these hot spots for the sober-minded.

Southie Bowl

Imagine this – you, a big bowling ball, and burning desire to knock down some pins. At Southie Bowl, everyone’s favorite bowling alley in South Boston, the good times don’t end with strikes and spares. Here you’ll find a plethora of non-alcoholic beverages including our very own WYNK, which will undoubtedly add a little spark to your game. Let the delicious flavors titillate your senses and elevate your bowling experience to new heights. With WYNK by your side, the fun doesn’t stop. Roll those balls down the lane and sip on something delicious and relaxing while you’re at it!

Coolidge Corner Club House

Coolidge Corner where you can indulge in comfort wood and some cannabis-infused drinks. Libations abound including the non-alcoholic variety. Sit down and peruse the menu of cocktails at this relaxed pub. Enjoy mac n’ cheese bites or a clubhouse sandwich. Who says sober nights can’t be fun?

So round up your friends and relax in the cozy atmosphere of Coolidge Corner, enjoying the vibes of an upbeat hangout. Whether you’re enjoying the buzz of a WYNK beverage or munching on snacks, one thing is definite – good times are always abound at Coolidge Corner. Cheers to fun nights and new friends in this cute corner of Boston!

Smith Family Beer Garden

Let’s take a ride down to Cape Cod, where the Smith Family Beer Garden, entices with promises of both relaxation and refreshment. Despite it’s name, this family-friendly haven actually caters to everyone including non-drinkers looking for a buzz. What better way to enjoy the idyllic setting than with a WYNK in hand? Imagine sipping on one of our refreshing elixirs while hanging out with your friends. Kick back and chill with a THC-infused beverage or two and let all your worries melt away faster than ice cream during a heat wave.

Pemberton Farms

Hello Cambridge! Get ready for good times at Pemberton Farms. If you like wine and cheese minus the wine, you’re in luck! While the Pemberton has a delightful selection of gourmet treats, they also offer non-alcoholic beverages. There’s definitely something for everyone. Picture yourself indulging in a sumptuous cheese platter the ideal compliment to your beverage. So grab some friends and let the good times roll.

Wine & Cheese Cask

Last but certainly not least, we find ourselves in Somerville at the Wine & Cheese Cask, where sophistication and whimsy collide in a delightful fusion of flavors. While wine and cheese take center stage, don’t overlook the impressive array of non-alcoholic options, including – you guessed it – THC-infused beverages. So raise a can  to good times, getting a buzz, and new experiences. Whether you’re indulging in a scrumptious cheese platter or enjoying a WYNK, Wine & Cheese Cask is the perfect place to savor every moment.

There you have it sober friends! Boston’s landscape is chock full of hidden gems just waiting for you to swing by. Whether you’re a Boston local looking for a sober-friendly place or a tourist ready to experience Boston without the booze, these fun establishments offer a great opportunity to enjoy a non-alcoholic adventure. The next time you’re in the mood for a beverage sans booze, gather your buddies and take off to one of these friendly bars. Here’s to no hangover and remembering what you did the next day!

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