Cannabis Drinks: Your secret weapon on the golf course?

As cannabis legalization rolls on, more golfers are starting to learn why cannabis may compliment their game. 
cannabis drinks

By Andrew Ward

The purported benefits of cannabis drinks on sports performance have been regularly reported. Golfers are among the slew of pro and amateur athletes expressing THC and CBD’s benefit. Is there a connection between cannabis drinks and golf?

The first-hand feedback trumps the lack of clinical research on the subject. Despite the lack of conclusive evidence, many athletes and sports organizations are warming to cannabis drinks. And amateur enthusiasts have done much more with fewer rules in the way. 

As cannabis legalization rolls on, more golfers are starting to learn why cannabis may compliment their game. 

cannabis drinks, golf course

How Cannabis Drinks Reportedly Affects Sports Performance

Cannabis’ oft-reported beneficial effects have been linked to improved qualities of life for various individuals, athletes serving as a prime example. Because the plant is still federally illegal, research lags far behind the anectdoetal reports of cannabis consumers. To this point, both pros and casual rec sports players claim that cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, provide benefits. This includes the following qualifying conditions: 

  • Physical pain 
  • Inflammation 
  • Muscle Spasms 
  • Anxiety 
  • Respiratory Conditions
  • Insomnia

The reported effects and select clinical results have led some researchers to justify categorizing cannabis products as a sports performance enhancer. Other clinical studies have pushed back on the distinction, citing a lack of direct evidence. Others feel the research is incomplete, calling for additional analysis.

The science behind cannabis and sports performance continue to be assessed. Research is still in its infancy, exploring important issues like sports performance and critical public health concerns, like the potential connection between cannabis and concussion symptoms

On the other hand, federal and global regulations continue to impact athletes. This past summer, US sprinter Sha’carri Richardson was banned from the Summer Olympics for a positive cannabis test despite consuming in a legal US state. 

Cannabis Drinks vs. Alcohol on the Golf Course

Comparing how alcohol and cannabis impact our golf games remains mostly, if not entirely, anecdotal at this time. Rather than relying on claims, we can look into how alcohol affects our performance. Much like cannabis, the results are limited, with quite a bit of uncertainty left to ponder at this time. 

Much like cannabis, we will need to wait before forming any clinical conclusions about alcohol’s impact on our golf game. Though, some results may prove helpful in developing conclusions. 

A 2017 study on athletic performance and alcohol conducted by the National Strength and Conditioning Association noted that effects vary drastically based on various factors. However, binge drinking was conclusively discouraged.   

An informal study of three golfers conducted by Golf Digest in 2018 found that subjects maintained similar second-shot and putting skills when drinking up to eight drinks per round. However, the same golfers saw driving accuracy decline drastically over 18 holes. 

We may not know much about how these substances affect our golf games. But we can say that Wynk’s fast onset time and equal low doses of CBD and THC should help golfers feel a buzz without overdoing it. With effects lasting roughly 90 minutes, effects shouldn’t linger long after playing a round. And in some cases, golfers report cannabis helping them get “in the zone” and focus while playing. 

Want to find out for yourself? Grab your favorite Wynk flavor and find out. 

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Cannabis Drinks and Golf: Does it Improve Your Game?

The clinical world remains undetermined on if cannabis improves golf games. With lab analysis ongoing, golf enthusiasts have filled the void, taking the hands-on approach. Hitting the greens with some green, golfers have put cannabis and their games to the test. 

Industry stalwart, Golf Digest even jumped into the fray with a decidedly non-scientific (and rather humorous) article that compares rounds played without cannabis to rounds played after consuming a variety of cannabis does ranging from a microdose, to a whopping 50mg! While we don’t advocate for such high dosing, it does make for an interesting read.  

CBD is a popular choice as well and supplements can be regularly found inside many pro shops. The cannabinoid contains several similar benefits to THC, with a key difference being CBD’s lack of psychoactive intoxication. Meaning that golfers won’t reportedly feel the “high” often associated with pot consumption. Still, it’ll be interesting to see how many golfers continue to use CBD over THC if federal legalization happens. 

Overall, the choice is yours. Like lab reports, golfer feedback varies on a case-by-case basis. Pros may still have to avoid THC use, but amateurs don’t in legalized states. Knowing first-hand will be the best way to tell how cannabis affects your game. Head to whichever preferred course tolerates or allows use. Or, find one of the few outwardly pro-cannabis courses around. 

How Cannabis Drinks Currently Fit Into The Pro Game

Professional Golfers and CBD: Professional golf have taken a cautiously optimistic approach. Many pros are optimistic, while the Professional Golf Association (PGA) remains cautious. 

The caution taken by the pro leagues likely boils down to federal laws. Until cannabis is legal or rescheduled under US law, pro leagues will likely prohibit use to avoid regulatory risks. While CBD has been accepted, THC use remains not permitted. In March 2019, PGA Tour player Robert Garrigus was suspended for testing positive for THC during a February event. In October 2019, at least 20% of pros admitted to using cannabis at some point. Numerous players have become CBD sponsors over the years. 

On the other hand, golfers are like any other athletes. The reported benefits expressed by various golfers mirror claims made by basketball players, NFL stars, amateur wrestlers, track stars, rock climbers, swimmers, and scores of other sports. 

And while some have embraced various cannabinoids, they may prove ineffective or adverse for some. Those looking to find out may want to consider starting with a low dose and gradually increasing their dosage if needed. 

With WYNK, golfers can leisurely sip on our cannabis-infused seltzers with a balanced 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD. Available in either 2.5 mg or 5mg dosages, it’s a calorie and sugar free way to unwind.

Andrew Ward is a Brooklyn, NY based freelance journalist and copywriter. Some of Andrew’s notable publications and clients include High Times, Benzinga, Business Insider, Rolling Stone and many more.

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