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Calling all baseball fans! Opening Day is right around the corner. While the exact date can shift from year to year, sports fanatics across the country know that springtime is their time to shine. Whether you’re on a mission to catch every game or a casual fan looking to enjoy some fun in the sun, we’re here to share everything you need to know about Opening Day—and how to make it one to remember with WYNK, of course. 

What is Opening Day?

A beloved American tradition, Opening Day describes the day in which professional baseball leagues begin their professional season. The exact date can change each year, but it typically occurs in early spring regardless of where you live. Although you may not be able to find this day on a traditional calendar, it is a day that many find worth celebrating. 

Why celebrate Opening Day?

You don’t have to be a die-hard fan to have a good time on Opening Day. Many choose to commemorate this day because: 

  • It’s a chance to be outside and enjoy the spring season. 
  • It’s the perfect time to hang out with friends.
  • It’s a laidback opportunity to try something new if sports are not your typical go-to activity.  
  • It’s a popular day to take off work so your boss won’t mind if you cash in some of your PTO. 
  • You can never go wrong with a pretzel, a hot dog, and a cold beverage. 

If you’re feeling inspired to celebrate Opening Day this year, you could even consider throwing a Grand Slam Party at your house complete with mocktails, brews, and classic game day food.

Opening Day with WYNK THC Seltzer

When is Opening Day 2024?

For the majority of the Major League Baseball (MLB), Opening Day will be held on March 28th, 2024. However, the MLB is doing things a little differently this year. 

For the first time ever, the official baseball season begins overseas with a matchup between the San Diego Padres and the Los Angeles Dodgers in Seoul, South Korea. The Dodgers and Padres will play on Wednesday, March 20 and Thursday, March 21. As baseball continues to grow in popularity across Asia, the MLB has decided to show this side of the world some love. 

And while a MLB baseball game can’t be considered ‘Opening Day’ without being played on home turf, we find this MLB season kickoff to be rather interesting! For a more detailed look at some of our favorite baseball-loving towns stateside, read on.  

Opening Day in Boston

To kick off the Boston Red Sox season, they will face off against the Seattle Mariners at Seattle’s T-Mobile Park. Although this may not be a home game, there will be no shortage of ways to engage in this citywide holiday. Head to any one of their baseball-themed bars and restaurants like the iconic Bleacher Bar. With a massive garage window that looks directly into Fenway Stadium, this eatery has earned its title as one of the most exceptional sports bars in the world, regardless of where the Boston Red Sox are playing. 

Opening Day in Chicago

Home to both the Chicago Cubs and White Sox, this town loves its baseball. If you’re rooting for the White Sox, you are in for a treat as they will be playing a home game against the Detroit Tigers. If you’re cheering for the Cubs, you may want to throw an Opening Day party at your house as they will be playing an away game against the Texas Rangers—so stock up on WYNK before the big day! 

Opening Day in Cincinnati

There’s no doubt about it—Cincinnati is a sports town. Lucky for them, the Cincinnati Reds are playing a home game at the Great American Ball Park against the Washington Nationals. So put on your best red outfit, head to The Banks for a pre-game snack, and get ready to cheer! 

Opening Day in Detroit

Unless Detroit Tigers fans are willing to travel to the Windy City to watch them play against the Chicago White Sox on March 28th, they’ll have to wait until April 5th when they host the Oakland Athletics. Head to Comerica Park to catch the action in person or order a Detroit-style pizza to your doorstep for an at-home experience. For bonus points, pair your game-day slice with your favorite flavor of WYNK Seltzer

Opening Day with WYNK Infused Seltzer

Opening Day in St. Louis

The St. Louis Cardinals open their season on March 28th in Los Angeles, so local fans will have to wait until April 4th when they play against the Miami Marlins for their official Opening Day celebrations. Whether you choose to catch the game at home or Busch Stadium, this is sure to be an exciting matchup. To savor every moment, crack open a can of WYNK THC Seltzer or try a new mocktail recipe. 

Make Opening Day a home run with WYNK.

No matter the team you are rooting for this year, make Opening Day your best yet with WYNK Infused Seltzer as your official drinking buddy. With zero sugar, zero calories, and zero hangover, it is the best way to make this baseball season a mindful one.

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