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Celebrating Three Years of WYNK with a Walk Down Memory Lane

Explore WYNK's journey: Pioneering cannabis-infused beverages with mobile canning tech and a growing line of THC and CBD seltzers. Join the revolution!
Celebrating Three Years of Innovation at WYNK scaled

Shawn Sheehan, Casey Parzych and I started discussing cannabis-infused beverages in late 2020. We saw the challenges with interstate commerce, where THC products could not be shipped across state lines, and ultimately needed to be produced in each state they were sold.

This presented a unique challenge for canned beverages, since building licensed canning facilities was prohibitively capital intensive relative to the size of the individual markets. We also saw a limited selection of approachable, low-dose THC beverages for consumers seeking an alternative to alcohol.

cannabis-infused beverages, low-dose THC beverage

To solve the interstate commerce issues, we designed and built a mobile canning facility on a 53 foot tractor trailer that could travel from market to market, producing 30,000 cans per day. To fill the void of low-dose THC beverages options, we created our flagship brand called WYNK with a line of zero-calorie, 2.5mg infused seltzers with a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD. 

In February 2021, we completed the first trial production run on the mobile canning facility, aptly named the WYNK Wagon. In April 2021, we produced the first saleable units of WYNK in Ohio. By the end of 2021, the WYNK Wagon was traveling around the country producing and selling in Massachusetts, Arizona, Maine, Arkansas, Missouri, and New Mexico.

cannabis-infused beverages, low-dose THC beverage

2022 saw even more growth. We created Wherehouse Beverage Company – a house for our brands and technologies. We launched 5mg versions of WYNK and introduced a new beverage brand called Countdown with 25mg offerings. We built a second WYNK Wagon, produced over a million cans, and launched in Nevada and Michigan. WYNK and Countdown were growing faster than we could scale production with the WYNK Wagons, so we got to work designing and building a novel can dosing technology – we called it Production 2.0. 

2023 was a year of transformation with a total overhaul of the WYNK brand, the implementation of Production 2.0 across all markets, the launch of Countdown 50mg, the launch of hemp-derived WYNK, and sales expansion into over 30 markets.

cannabis-infused beverages, low-dose THC beverage

2024 will be bigger and better than ever, fueled by an incredible team and products that people love. Thank you to the founding team that has been with us since day one – your grit and determination are truly inspiring. And thank you to all our new team members for believing in us and bringing decades of industry knowledge to Wherehouse, WYNK, and Countdown.

– Angus Rittenburg, Co-Founder

cannabis-infused beverages, low-dose THC beverage

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