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Everything You Need to Know About The Entourage Effect


In sports, every player has an important role to play no matter how big or small their role may seem. Whether you are a ball boy or the star quarterback, the game is not the same without every piece of the puzzle doing its part—and the same can be said about the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. 

While THC is often the star of the show because of its psychoactive effects, we now know that the potential wellness benefits of cannabis function best when other natural cannabinoids found in the plant join the party to it. This phenomenon is often referred to as “The Entourage Effect”. 

As a cannabis-infused seltzer brand, it is important to us that each of our products take advantage of The Entourage Effect by using a combination of both THC and CBD to give the most benefits to you. If you want to learn more about this fascinating effect, keep reading. 

What are cannabinoids? 

In order to understand The Entourage Effect, we must first get to know cannabinoids. Many people are unaware that the hemp plant is made up of hundreds of tiny little miracle molecules called cannabinoids. It is said that each one may have its own effect on the body and mind. Some of the most recognizable names in this family of molecules are: 

  • THC: Short for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, this cannabinoid is mostly known for producing the “high” you might expect from cannabis plants. 
  • CBD: Short for cannabidiol, this molecule is often lauded for its calming effects. It may also help even out the psychoactive effects of THC for a more balanced experience. 

What is The Entourage Effect in cannabis?

You know how hanging out with close friends brings out the best in you? Well, that’s exactly how The Entourage Effect works. When more than one cannabinoid starts hanging out together, it becomes a well-balanced party with nuanced effects. While one molecule chilling on its own can still be a good time, it pales in comparison to the whole gang playing together. So what does this mean for the consumer?

It means that if you’re consuming a product that only includes THC or CBD on its own, you’re getting a fraction of the potential wellness benefits of the plant. If you want to enjoy a more nuanced and balanced experience, it’s important to look for products that feature more than one cannabinoid—like WYNK. 

By combining THC and CBD in our seltzers, we’re able to deliver a beverage that offers more than one note. This makes us an excellent option for anyone looking to get a social buzz while taking advantage of the benefits of the hemp plant.

Entourage Effect

What are the potential benefits of The Entourage Effect?

Although The Entourage Effect is still being studied, there is some compelling evidence that suggests that this phenomenon may have some health benefits. For example, a 2011 review in the British Journal of Pharmacology found that taking phytocannabinoids together may be beneficial for:

  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Epilepsy 
  • Cancer
  • And Fungal Infections

Another simple benefit of The Entourage Effect is that it may help cannabis be more approachable for new consumers. For many beginners, high doses of THC by itself can often be intoxicating or overwhelming. Some people have a difficult time getting past these side effects, which minimizes the relief THC was intended for—and that’s why we add CBD to our seltzers. CBD may help counteract the unwanted side effects of THC and make it a much more pleasant high. 

The WYNK Difference. 

With a perfectly balanced 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD in every can of WYNK, each sip shows The Entourage Effect in action. The result is a light, bubbly buzz that’s enjoyable any night of the week. We’ll drink to that!

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