Finding THC Seltzers in Boston: WYNK’s Southie Bowl Event Recap

Revolutionizing Boston’s Beverage Scene

Launching WYNK in bars, restaurants, and liquor stores across Massachusetts marked an exciting milestone for us, and we wanted to make it memorable. We decided to throw a launch party in collaboration with some amazing local partners. Teaming up with our local distributor, Craft Collective, and a beloved neighborhood spot, Southie Bowl, we orchestrated an eventful night in the middle of an otherwise dull Dry January.

A Match Made in Boston: Partnering with Southie Bowl

We were particularly thrilled to host this event at Southie Bowl due to the venue’s iconic status as a second-generation-owned bowling alley. The owners and operators of Southie Bowl are experts at curating an experience that blends old and new, providing traditional candlepin bowling alongside best-in-class adult beverage selections like craft non-alcoholic beer and infused seltzers. Offering party guests the chance to enjoy a game of candlepin bowling over a cold drink, Southie Bowl provided the perfect location for our launch party.

The Highlight of Dry January: WYNK’s Launch Event in Boston

Hosting the event in January was also timely. Small business owners in seasonal cities like Boston often face post-holiday blues at the start of the new year, with alcohol sales typically down, a trend further amplified by Dry January. For various reasons, consumers tend to stay home during this time, so by drawing over 70 attendees, we transformed a slow winter weekday into a vibrant gathering. This collaborative event provided a much-needed opportunity for Southie residents to venture out into the cold, connect with friends, and enjoy the lively atmosphere while snacking on pizza and sipping WYNK seltzers over a game of candlepin bowling.

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A Community Comes Together: The Success of THC Seltzers in Boston

The formation of this event was especially rewarding as it allowed us to support our local business partners and foster community connections. By joining forces with Southie Bowl and utilizing community platforms like Caught in Southie‘s social media channels, we generated excitement and drew a crowd to an otherwise quiet period for bars and entertainment venues.

From Dry January to the THC Seltzer Buzz: WYNK’s Eventful Evening

We had a great time hosting and engaging with the local community alongside our partner Craft Collective. We’d like to thank all our partners who came out and supported the launch of WYNK Seltzer in the Boston, Massachusetts market. We hope you join us for more WYNK events this summer!

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