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April 20th – it’s a day that makes stoner hearts around the world burst with happiness. Be that as it may, 4/20 isn’t just about getting high as a kite. This year, WYNK is turning up the heat and reshaping the cannabis narrative with a new perspective on celebrating 420 parties in your city.

As WYNK aims to make cannabis consumption more inclusive and mainstream, we’re leading the charge to transform 4/20 into a holiday that’s not just about smoking ganja and munching on gummies. Picture this: instead of simply lighting up, we’re making 4/20 about engaging in meaningful activities, connecting with friends, and creating lasting memories.

However, before we jump into the celebrations, let’s go back in time and delve into the mysterious beginnings of 4/20. As legend has it, the connection of marijuana to 4/20 originated in the early 1970s when a group of high school students in San Rafael, California, would meet at 4:20 p.m. to hunt for a rumored hidden cannabis plant. Over time, 4/20 became synonymous with cannabis culture, a day to celebrate and indulge in our beloved Mary Jane.

Fast forward to 2024, where WYNK is transforming the annual holiday experience by creating social events at 4:20. With our pioneering approach to crafting cannabis-infused beverages, we’re not just providing a buzz; we’re encouraging community hangouts and turning run-of-the-mill gatherings into extraordinary moments. Our perfectly crafted dose of THC & CBD gives you the ideal buzz without overwhelming effects. It’s the secret sauce that elevates your experience, making every moment more easy-breezy.

So there you have it, friends – the magical, magnificent universe of 4/20 with WYNK driving the change. It’s a festival of camaraderie, kinship with like-minded people, and, of course, cannabis culture. So, let’s raise a toast to a holiday that’s not just about getting baked but about getting out there and doing something meaningful. Below is a list of WYNK-sponsored events where you can celebrate 4/20 with your friends. Happy 4/20!

2024 Guide to 420 Parties in Your City

420 Parties in Connecticut

Date Time Location Address City
4/20 4-7 Stew Leonards 99 Federal Rd Danbury
4/19 6-8 Blind Rhino S. Norwalk 15 N Main St Norwalk

420 Parties in Illinois

Date Time Location Address City
4/19 5pm-7pm Bitter Pops 3357 N Lincoln Ave Chicago
4/19 3pm-7pm D&D Finer Foods 825 Noyes St Evanston
4/20 12pm-3pm Garfields Wicker/ Bucktown 1704 N Milwaukee Chicago
4/20 4pm-7pm Garfields Wicker South 1336 N Milwaukee Chicago
4/20 3pm-6pm Garfields Norridge 4601 N Harlem Ave Norridge
4/20 2-4pm Garfields Lincoln 3200 N Lincoln Ave Chicago
4/20 5-7pm Garfields Old Town 1437 N Wells Chicago
4/20 7-10pm Royal Palms   Chicago

420 Parties in Maine

Date Time Location Address City
4/17 2-6pm The Joint 1140 Brighton Ave Portland
4/18 3-6pm Sinsemilla 64 Washington Ave Portland
4/19 11-2pm OMG Cannabis 47 India Street Ste C Portland
4/19 3-7pm Seaweed Portland 23 Marginal Way Suite #7 Portland
4/19 8-12:30am Rathskeller Bar 51 Wharf Street Portland
4/20 10-1pm Grass Roots Portland 377 St John Street South Portland
4/20 11-1:30pm Hi Lo 435 Maine Street Poland
4/20 2-5pm Stache 9 Renaissance Way Sanford
4/20 1:45-3:45pm Cannabis Cabin 48 Mechanic Falls Road Poland
4/20 4:15-6pm Hazy Hill Farm 484 Congress Street Portland
4/20 6-10pm 4/20 Empire Party 575 Congress Street Portland
4/20 8-11pm Green Devil Lounge 625 Congress Street Portland
4/20 8-1am Hive Space Party 77 Free Street portland

420 Parties in Minnesota

Date Time Location Address City
4/18/24 4-7pm Central Ave Liquors 2538 Central Ave NE Minneapolis
4/19/24 3-6pm Total Wine 12795 Elm Creek Blvd N Maple Grove
4/19/24 3-6pm Total Wine 14200 Wayzata Blvd Minnetonka
4/19/24 4-7pm Dabbler Depot 1545 7th St W St. Paul
4/20/24 3-6pm Total Wine 510 Lake Dr Chanhassen
4/20/24 3-6pm Total Wine 820 County Rd 42 W Burnsville
4/20/24 3-6pm Total Wine 2401 Fairview Ave N #105 Roseville

420 Parties in Missouri

Date Time Location Address City
4/17 2pm-4pm Verts Pacific 1340 Thornton St Pacific
4/18 11am-1pm SWADE Cherokee 2316 Cherokee St Saint Louis
4/19 2pm-4pm SWADE Delmar 6166 Delmar Blvd Saint Louis
4/20 10am-6pm Earth Day 365 Forest Park St. Louis
4/20 12pm-6pm Sk8 Jam/High Fidelity Cooler BnB Maplewood
4/21 10am-6pm Earth Day 365 Forest Park St. Louis

420 Parties in New Jersey

Date Time Location Address City
4/20 4:20-6:20 Mexicali Brews 3366 US-22 Branchburg
4/20 4:20-on Pint Bar JC 34 Wayne St Jersey City

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