How to Find Your Flow State with Cannabis

It’s a mindset and a practice, and we’re here to help you achieve it.
Flow State

You probably use the saying “go with the flow” pretty regularly, perhaps without thinking too much about what it means.. Going with the flow simply implies a relaxed state of being where you can easily move through life without feeling like you’re on the struggle bus all the time. It allows what is, and doesn’t aim to control what cannot be controlled. It’s a mindset and a practice. 

And then there’s Flow State. This is not quite the same as going with the flow but resembles an advanced embodiment of this sentiment. If going with the flow is letting go, then flow state is honing in. It’s a mindset and a practice, and we’re here to help you achieve it.

What Is Flow State?

Flow state is a mental state where you are so tapped into doing one thing that the rest of the world seemingly falls away. Think of it as an immersive experience where you can focus and tune in to one particular task or activity and dedicate your attention solely to this goal. It’s a feeling, a state of being, and an observable practice. Although sometimes you might not even realize you were in flow state until after the fact. 

It’s often described as being “in the zone” and it’s like an amalgamation of body and mind in an almost transcendental way. Senses are heightened, yet time seems to move slowly,  and your awareness and ability to create feels nearly effortless. You can enter a flow state doing just about anything, from exercise to art, and a myriad of work-related activities.

Where Does Flow State Come From?

Flow state wasn’t exactly invented, because it’s always existed. However, psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi introduced ‘Flow Theory’ in the 1970s to describe his observations of people doing things they enjoy. His research originally involved high-performing people like surgeons, chess masters, mountain climbers, artists, writers, and other athletes.

“There’s this focus that, once it becomes intense, leads to a sense of ecstasy, a sense of clarity: you know exactly what you want to do from one moment to the other; you get immediate feedback.” Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

The concept of flow is centered around the coupling of cognitive and physiological connections with affective aspects. It’s a psycho-physical state where everything seems to click into place and suddenly make sense where before there may have been chaos or difficult challenges. It’s quite simply tapping into your best self and unlimited possibilities. Flow state is a magical state of being.

Flow State Benefits

The benefits of flow state are vast, yet individual. Depending on how you spend your time while flowing, you may experience any of the following. 

  • Increased concentration. Not only can you work more efficiently in flow state, but the quality of what you produce is usually next level. 
  • Improved clarity. What if it could be easy? Flow state allows you this super sense of clarity that guides you to your goal with minimal effort.
  • Limited resistance. Imagine approaching a hurdle and instead of stressing about how to climb over the hill, you see a path around that is much simpler and quicker? That’s what it feels like to be in flow state.
  • Positive vibes. Flow state just feels good. It offers improved well-being and feelings of happiness and contentment. When you honor your passion and use flow state to enhance your abilities, you radiate positivity.

Okay, this sounds amazing, right? So, how do you find flow states?

How to Achieve Your Flow State

While flow state happens effortlessly for some people, most of us benefit from a little coaxing to fully engage in it. Here are some of the top ways you can help yourself find your way into a flow state.

Reduce Distractions

Getting in the zone is easier when there are limited distractions in your environment. If you work from home or are creating in a solo environment, this might be easier than being in a noisy, crowded place. Even the humdrum of home life can be distracting from time to time, so taking a little time to consciously remove potential disturbance can be the first step to achieving flow state. 

This might look like spending some time in the evening preparing for the day ahead. Simple tasks like doing the dishes and tidying up can prepare your environment for better energy in the morning. Prep your coffee, or even lay out your clothes to give yourself a head start to the day. 

If you know you’ll be somewhere with distractions that are outside your control, put on headphones or earbuds and play music to tune out the noise. Jazz, electronic, and classical music are great options but experiment with sound frequencies to help your brain tune in to the tasks at hand. 

Plan Your Day

Flow state happens when you are focusing on one particular thing at a time. So, if you enter your day with a mile-long to-do list, you may end up too stressed with tasks to slip into a flow state at all. That’s not to say you shouldn’t have goals, but some light planning can really mitigate the feelings of anxiety that pop up when we are feeling overwhelmed. 

As you work on your to-do list for the coming day, pick only a few things that are reasonably achievable. Put your most important task at the top of your list and make a covenant with yourself that you will work on this task first, with no expectations of completing anything else that day. That’s not to say you won’t, but it can help you focus on one thing at a time, which is a keystone of flow state. 

For the next items on your list, order them based on priority, but keep the list focused on only things you can control, and only things that need to be done. Finally, include one task that would be nice to get ahead on, but put no pressure on yourself to get to it. Prioritizing your goals in this simple way can be really helpful in entering flow state. 

Meditation & Mindfulness

Quieting the mind is a well-being practice with loads of rewards. It reduces blood pressure, alleviates stress and anxiety, and helps us overcome challenges by learning how to access stillness and awareness. 

Meditation is a mindfulness practice that can be personalized to work for you. Some people prefer guided meditation, and others like music, or complete silence. There is no wrong way to approach meditation. The practice of this quiet time is to strengthen your ability to concentrate, which directly impacts your ability to enter flow state. Consistently practicing meditation will help you more easily achieve flow state time and time again. 

find your flow state with cannabis

Try Cannabis

Arguably the most versatile plant medicine on the planet, it’s probably not surprising to hear that cannabis can help you enter flow state. Many ultra distance runners reported that cannabis impacted both duration of exercise and physical output, in their 50-100 mile events. And accounts by countless creators, musicians, and artists laud the effects of cannabis to tap into their inner wellspring of creativity and bring forth the art we know and love. 

Self-reported claims note the consumption of cannabis may inspire divergent and creative thinking. Adding a little THC to your routine may turn off your natural inclination to use only rational thought and allow you to explore.

Adding cannabis into the mix may cause hesitation for people who are sensitive to its effects or don’t enjoy smoking. Wynk cannabis seltzers were designed to offer a light dose of THC in a familiar, sippable format so you can get lifted without getting obliterated. Each can contains 2.5 mg THC and 2.5 mg CBD per can, and is available in three different flavors – Lime, Black Cherry Fizz, and Juicy Mango. 

Sip straight from the can or pour over ice and let the magic of cannabis help you find the ease of flow state. 

Go With the Flow 

Harnessing the power of flow state can improve the quality and quantity of your output, while increasing your personal satisfaction. The human body and mind can work together harmoniously and effortlessly with a little practice and determination. Redefine what’s possible and discover your personal best through flow state. 

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