How to Throw a 4/20 Friendly Party

Sunny weather is right around the corner—and there’s no better way to welcome the new season than a cocktail party with friends. Whether you’re looking for a different way to celebrate 4/20 or you want to throw a backyard garden party, WYNK makes the perfect beverage companion for all of your mocktail needs. As more people become curious about alcohol alternatives, our hemp-infused seltzers offer a well-balanced, social buzz without the hangover. So if you’re ready to throw a 420-friendly cocktail party, read on for our tips on how to be the host with the most. 

Redefining a 4/20 Friendly Celebration

When most people think of 4/20, they often think of smoking, seshing, and snacking until you’re couch-locked for the rest of the day. And although that is certainly one way to enjoy cannabis, not all 420-friendly events have to look like that. As cannabis consumption becomes more mainstream, there are an infinite number of ways to consume that fit your lifestyle and goals. 

At WYNK, we’re all about delivering a consistently balanced, light, and social time that combines the euphoria of THC with the zen of CBD in approachable doses that suit both beginners and connoisseurs. Plus, our seltzers feature a quicker onset than traditional edibles which allows for more predictable effects and puts you in control of how buzzed you want to get. So whether you’re celebrating the 4/20 holiday or just want to try something new for your next cocktail party, WYNK makes it easy to enjoy the psychoactive effects of hemp without derailing your day. 

Pro-Tips for Hosting a 4/20 Friendly Party

How to Throw a 420 Friendly Party

Curate your guest list.

It’s important to cultivate a fun-loving, judgment-free zone when deciding who to invite to your 420-themed cocktail party. Your party should be all about having some fun in the sun with good vibes and good conversation. Inviting the right people also allows you to relax and focus on entertaining your guests, rather than making sure everyone is on the same page. No drama allowed! 

Decide on a theme or reason for your celebration.

Establishing the “why” for your celebration can help set the tone for the rest of your event. If you’re celebrating 4/20, maybe you’ll want to have elevated munchies at your event. If it’s a backyard BBQ, think about what kind of bite-sized snacks you can throw on the grill as appetizers. Or maybe you just want a laidback picnic for a few friends with a chic charcuterie board. Whatever you decide, have fun with it and let the theme help inform the rest of the occasion. 

Plan your 4/20 Friendly Party menu.

Everyone loves a few snacks to go along with their cocktails. You can go all-out with a five-course menu, make it a themed potluck, or just have a few small bites on hand. Ensuring that your food complements the tone of your event and pairs well with your mocktails will add another layer of deliciousness to your event. 

Prepare the drink menu.

This is perhaps the most important part of your cocktail party. And just as there are a million options for the theme and the food menu, you have a lot of room to play here as well. You could choose to have a cooler full of WYNK for people to grab at their leisure, make individual mocktails, or maybe even a pitcher mocktail for easy sharing. Depending on the vibe and theme of the event, you could also consider making custom placards that describe the mocktail offerings as well as their dosage so your guests know exactly what to expect. For inspiration on mocktail recipes and pairings, check out our blog

Set the scene

Decorate according to the theme, add some moody lighting (like string lights across your yard), and tidy up your space to set the tone. You can also make a playlist ahead of time so you’re not scrambling to queue up another song throughout the party. Additionally, take some time to make sure the space is comfy and welcoming. You may even want to have some fresh cracked pepper around which can help bring people back to earth if they get too high—unlikely, but it’s always better to be prepared. 

Kick back and enjoy your 4/20 friendly party

When the time finally arrives, make sure to be in the present moment, have fun, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. With proper planning, you won’t have to worry about a thing. So go ahead and pour yourself a cocktail. You’ve earned it. 

Celebrate your way with WYNK. 

Whether you’re redefining your 4/20 celebrations or trying to be more mindful when partying with friends, make this sunny season one to remember with WYNK. For more entertaining tips, education, and mocktail recipes, stay tuned in to our blog and social media.

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