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Make Weeknights more Interesting with WYNK Infused Seltzer

WYNK Infused Seltzer

Weeknights, often overshadowed by the weekend’s allure, hold their own charm that’s ripe for rediscovery. It’s time to break the mold of saving the best for the weekends and inject some excitement into our weekday routines. This is where WYNK’s THC and CBD-infused seltzer steps in – a beacon of enjoyment for your typical weeknights.

And the best? You can order online and get WYNK delivered right to your door.

Reinvent Weeknights with WYNK Infused Seltzer

A little bit of THC and CBD has a way of turning a regular old evening into an impromptu celebration. With the help of WYNK, you can transform your typical weeknights into enjoyable gatherings, sans the next-day regrets.

Discover the WYNK Collection, Zero-Calorie THC and CBD Infused Seltzers

WYNK is an invitation to reinvent how you connect with friends. Instead of unwinding with a beer or glass of wine to take the edge off, reach for a WYNK! Zero calories, zero sugar, and zero alcohol mean you can indulge without the worry of a hangover.

WYNK Infused Seltzer

WYNK comes in three enticing flavors, each unique and delicious on its own, or the perfect mixable for mocktails:

  • Black Cherry Fizz: A fan favorite. Our best-selling flavor will surely satisfy any Black Cherry White Claw fan. And we don’t think they’ll miss the hangover, or sugar!

  • Lime Twist: Zesty and subtle, this one is a great base for mocktails.

  • Juicy Mango: Embrace the essence of ripe mangoes, bringing a slice of the tropics to your evening.

  • Tangerine: Our newest flavor, and one we crave! This citrusy addition to the lineup is one your company won’t be able to get enough of. We’re serious.

Tailoring Your THC & CBD Experience

WYNK’s blend of THC and CBD is designed for optimal enjoyment. We know some folks have sensitivity to THC on its own, it’s why we added CBD to help curb the psychoactive feeling of straight THC. The synergy between these cannabinoids ensures a balanced, light, and social buzz, focusing more on a controlled buzz than an overwhelming high.

Understanding individual preferences, WYNK offers two dosage options:

WYNK “Mini” | 2.5mg THC + 2.5mg CBD

  • A mini dose for those new to THC or seeking a milder effect. You can stack these cans to build your desired buzz! Great for extending your night by having more than one drink.

WYNK “Standard” | 5mg THC + 5mg CBD

  • A step up for a more pronounced but still smooth experience. We like this one for intimate gatherings, or sharing with roommates and partners.
WYNK Infused Seltzer

Why You Should Make Time for WYNK on Weeknights

With life and responsibility, of course, comes sacrifice. We’re more willing than ever to skip socializing through the week. Many find getting together with friends to be a chore, especially when gatherings include alcohol. The thought of having to recover and spend an additional day nursing a hangover post-hangout with friends gives most an excuse to pass on weekday hangouts.

According to TIME Magazine, spending time with friends is one of the best things you can do for your health. A 2019 study found that overuse of social media is infringing on face-to-face quality time, and more than we realize. The article emphasized how strong social connections contribute to improved mental and physical health outcomes, including reduced stress levels and increased longevity.

WYNK promotes this idea by offering a THC + seltzer beverage designed to enhance social gatherings with friends, encouraging people to connect and unwind together, even on busy weeknights

Picture a midweek gathering with friends filled with laughter and genuine connections. WYNK is about creating these moments, proving that wellness goes beyond the typical and extends into social joy and emotional well-being.

No longer should weeknights be the overlooked part of your week. WYNK challenges the norm, offering a way to socialize without the downsides. Be present, enjoy your time, and wake up feeling rejuvenated.

The best part? The convenience of WYNK is now just a click away. No more last-minute store runs – embrace online ordering and home delivery, perfect for stocking up for your next gathering.

Getting Started with WYNK 

The best way to try WYNK is by starting with the Variety Pack — it’s the perfect opportunity to try six cans of each of our original flavors. Use code ‘STARTER’ at checkout and save $15 plus score free shipping.

WYNK Infused Seltzer Variety Pack Coupon

As we wrap up our journey into transforming ordinary weeknights into memorable experiences with WYNK Infused Seltzer, we have a special treat for our readers who are eager to dive deeper into the world of cannabis-infused beverages. Don’t miss out on an enlightening episode of our podcast featuring the Cannabis Man, as he sits down with Phil McFarland, the General Manager of Wherehouse Beverage Co., the makers behind WYNK & Countdown. This conversation sheds light on the innovation, passion, and vision driving our beloved beverages. Tune in to gain insider insights and stories from behind the scenes. Check it out here and let the discoveries enhance your next WYNK experience!

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