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Planning a Dry January You can Feel Buzzed About

Hitting the reset button this new year just got a lot more chill.

After weeks of holiday eating, drinking, baking and partying, your body and mind could use a break, and a detox. But after the year(s) we’ve had, going booze-free for a month can be easier said than done. 

The good news? This year, restricting alcohol doesn’t have to be a punishment. With Wynk, you can sip back, relax and enjoy the health and mental wellness benefits of Dry January, without losing your chill. Wynk naturally-flavored seltzers are infused with controllable microdoses of THC and CBD, so you can unwind and refresh this new year, without the hangover. 

Why Dry January? 

Though it can feel good in the moment, drinking alcohol on a regular basis can negatively impact your everyday life and health in ways you may not always see at first. Alcohol consumption has been linked to several problems including loss of sleep, hangover symptoms, and anxiety (and the trifecta combination, hangxiety). 

Cutting out alcohol for 30 days is like hitting the reset button for your system; it can boost your mood, condition, energy levels, and even your mental health. It also serves as a time of reflection, and opportunity for self-discovery. And with Wynk, you can experience all these advantages without skipping the buzz! 

Ease into the new year and give these microdosed activities a try! 

Exercise creativity with mocktails 

Experiment with alcohol-free drinks like shrubs and adaptogenic drinks—topped withWynk! You could even host a mocktail party for Awards’ Season and let people choose their own juices, spritzes, fruits, and garnishes. 

Try something new, sans drinking 

Dry January is the perfect time to discover a new hobby. Maybe it’s meditation, cooking, or diving into a new book. Consider adding a microdose of THC to these activities in the form of Wynk (be sure you’re not operating a vehicle) to make it an even more mindful moment. 

Get good at sleeping

Yes, you read that right. Studies have shown that those who go 30 days without alcohol can experience improvements in sleep patterns. Chances are, your Z-catching game has been slacking over the holidays. Now’s your chance to start the new year on the right side of the bed (literally). 

Alright, you’ve convinced me, but how do I make sure I hold myself to it?

1.Set a specific start date

Maybe it’s Jan 1, or a little later in the month. Write it down, tell people about, and keep that date in mind when making plans.

2. Enlist a dry Jan buddy to keep you motivated 

And share a Wynk with them when you talk over your journeys.

3. Write down your experiences 

Record any improvements in your health, mood, and sleepthroughout the month.

4. Stock your fridge with an alcohol alternative

Like maybe a naturally delicious Wynk Microdosed Seltzer 😉 to give you the escape you’re craving, without the hangover. Find your local supply in our store locator.

What are your Dry January goals? We’d love to hear. Tag & send us your favorite microdosed activities and learnings @drinkwynk on Instagram.

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