Spooky Season Plot Twist: What if These Classic Killers Just Had a Wynk?

Less kills, more chill?

Spooky season is HERE. As we curl up in our coziest, crack open a Wynk, and prepare to unwind with a marathon of thrills from the season’s classic horror films, we can’t help but wonder: what would have happened if these characters would have just opened a can of calm, instead of a can of chaos?

Wynk sippable THC & seltzer delivers a balanced calm with a microdose of THC and CBD in each can. From fatal hijinks and killer dinner parties to the poor decisions made on the run that make us scream at the TV, we’ve reimagined the most epic scary movie plots with a bit more chill factor.


In maybe the most iconic house party in a horror film, the Ghostface Killer channels all their raging anxiety into terrifying a group of drunk party-goers. Take out the beer and put in Wynk… and it’s a totally different vibe. Billy and Stu would have just relaxed on the couch the whole time, discussing the misconceptions of high school cliques, or maybe even danced out their urges to kill their friends. Either way, No brutal murders (or hangovers) in Woodsboro!

The Shining:

Sitting among not just the best horror flicks, but the greatest movies of all time, there is not much that would actually improve “The Shining.” However, if Jack had maybe microdosed with Wynk while working on his manuscript, he may have sparked some creative inspiration instead of letting his mind wander to visions of killing his family most of the time. His mantra may have become “All Wynk and no killing makes Jack a chill boy.” Plus, corn mazes are a lot more peaceful when you’re sipping a Wynk.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

In what might be the most disturbing dinner party scene committed to film, Sally escapes the cannibal family that she was dining with (well, who were planning to dine upon her…). But imagine–bear with us here–if there were a few cans of Wynk at the table. It would have definitely made dinner less awkward, right? Or at least inspire some healthier, less horrifying, cravings? Even Leatherface could join in the fun.

 The Blair Witch Project: 

As the first “found-footage” horror film ever, “The Blair Witch Project” blew audiences away with its depiction of a documentary excursion gone horribly wrong. Maybe if Heather, Mike, and Josh had just had some Wynk before heading off into the woods, they could’ve enjoyed some microdose-approved fall activities instead of upsetting a legendary witch spirit that would end up killing them all. Just some food (or seltzer) for thought.

What chiller thriller plot twists would you dream up with a microdose of Wynk THC? We’d love to hear! Send us a message at @drinkwynk on Instagram.

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