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Unwind with Fall Vibes: Essential Microdosed Activities to Ease into the Season

Chill in the air, and in your THC & seltzer.

Experience your favorite fall activities with even more refreshment — try a microdose of THC, delivered by Wynk.

The crisp air, the colors, and scents; for most, fall brings a sense of calm and relief after a hot summer. For those looking to embrace the mood this season, a few sips of Wynk help give you an equally balanced calm with a microdose of THC and CBD in a sippable seltzer.

Make these special fall moments just a little more chill. Here’s a list of microdose-ready activities for macro fall fun.

Sip back, relax, and fall into fall.

1. Go on a fall hike. 

The colors, the views, the satisfying crunch of leaves, it’s real-life ASMR.

2. Pumpkin carving

Think outside the patch — unleash your creativity and let the season’s mood, scenes (or sense of humor) inspire you.

3. Host or attend a Friendsgiving

Mashed potatoes, pumpkin spice, everything nice. Need we say more?

4. Try cooking a fall dish, without using a recipe.

Embrace the chill-i this soup season. Instead of reaching for the book, reach for your favorite flavors and ingredients, or whatever you’re craving.

5. A Halloween movie marathon

Whether you’re feeling nostalgic, seeking the magic, or just looking for a thrill, curling up in your coziest sweater and spending the day sipping and ‘flicking can be the ultimate chill. If you get a little too spooked, a Wynk THC & Seltzer might help take the edge off before bed too!

 6. Fall street festivals

Live music, street food, handmade crafts. All the vibes, all in one place.

7. Group hangs and games

From board games to backyard bags, get the group together and chill.

8. Get into journaling

Get the screen out of your face and clear your headspace with conscious cannabis. A little THC, a little bit of a reflection, and a whole lot of perspective can help turn your whole day around, especially when you write it all down.

9. Curate a fall playlist

From jam sessions to mindful explorations; you control the energy… and the aux cord.

10. Put up your fall decor, while jamming out to said playlist

Go ahead, light that candle. You know you want to.

What are your go-to fall activities made just a little better with a microdose of THC? We’d love to hear. Send us a message at @drinkwynk on Instagram.

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