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Welcome to the Wynkly Digest, Where Relaxing Tastes Real Good

We’ve all been there: you take a swig of something strong all in the name of taking the edge off and it tastes…bad. Then it feels worse. And tomorrow morning? Let’s not even talk about tomorrow morning.

But, hey. Stress is a persistent force, and it’s something that we encounter every single day. And while there’s little hope of it ever going away, there’s a lot of hope for alternative ways to keep it at bay. Enter THC. Naturally-occuring little stress relievers that are born of the cannabis plant and work in tandem to help both your body and mind chill out and relax.

Until recently, THC was available in limited forms, to smoke, vape, or pop as a gummy. And for many, exploring the world of cannabis represented a lifestyle adjustment, which came complete with concerns about dosage and how one’s body might react. That’s why Wynk took an alternative approach by developing a delicious, naturally-flavored seltzer that includes a managable microdose of THC and CBD.

It’s simple. Each 8 oz can of Wynk has 2.5mg of THC and a quick onset time of just 10-15 minutes. It leaves your body faster, too, meaning you can feel as buzzed, or stay as grounded, as you’d like with each can you sip.

For those who are curious about cannabis, Wynk is a great way to ease into things. Because that’s what it’s all about, right? Easing into a backyard hang with friends. Easing into Taco Tuesday. Easing into a documentary, or cleaning the house. And that’s exactly what we’re here to celebrate with our blog—everyday moments made even better with the addition of a microdose of THC. Here’s what you can look forward to reading on the Wynkly Digest:

  • Real life stories from microdosers, including humorous anecdotes, revelations, and the occasional satire.
  • Microdosing 101, spotlighting the benefits of ingesting just a *little* THC.
  • Wynk Wagon whereabouts, and sharing updates as to where we’re rolling out next!
  • Points of view from our founders on recent cannabis news and its impact.
While Wynk rolls out across the country, we’re also looking forward to connecting with you all on a more personal level here. Have any stories or suggestions? Shoot them over to [email protected] – we’d love to hear them!

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