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What’s in a Can of WYNK THC Infused Seltzer?

Looking for a substitute for your favorite sugary cocktail? Try WYNK, a light, balanced THC-infused seltzer with all the flavor and none of the sugar.
Infused Seltzer

Looking for a substitute for your favorite sugary cocktail? Or a more efficient alternative to your favorite edible? Try WYNK, a light, balanced THC-infused seltzer with all the flavor and none of the sugar. Perfect for a wide range of dietary preferences, all-natural zero-calorie WYNK is a vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free solution to your microdosing needs. Plus, WYNK infuses all of its infused seltzers with certified organic THC extracts, so you can experience a chill, calm, balanced high, without any of the added chemicals.

THC Infused Seltzer

It’s a delicious, healthy, hangover-free way to microdose the ideal 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD. With 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD per can, it keeps you in control so you can achieve the perfect dosage that’s right for you. Find your sweet spot and enjoy a bubbly buzz without any next-day regrets.

Check out all the fresh and fruity ways to enjoy WYNK infused seltzer.


Fresh-picked flavor in a can. This crisp lime infused seltzer has that just-right zip of citrus, the perfect blend of sweet and sharp—finished off with the subtle, balanced buzz of THC:CBD. No alcohol means you can hang out without the hangovers.

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LIME TWIST Infused Seltzer
TANGERINE Infused Seltzer


Enjoy a tangy citrus burst paired with a delicate sweetness to uplift your spirits. A smooth blend of carbonated water, natural flavor, citric acid, and cannabis extract, this infused seltzer is giving fresh-squeezed flavor in every sip.

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This refreshing infused seltzer is smooth and subtle, infused with a tasty tang of ripe black cherries with a hint of zest. The black cherry on top? You can enjoy all this sweetest without any of the sugar. Expect a light, bubbly buzz in 10-15 minutes and enjoy for up to an hour and a half.

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JUICY MANGO Infused Seltzer


Like biting into a fresh mango on a breezy afternoon on a tropical beach with your best friends. WYNK’s Juicy Mango is succulent and sweet, with the refreshing pop and fizz of seltzer infused with the perfect amount of chill. Put on your OOO and enjoy a vacation in a can.

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WYNK THC Infused Seltzer offers an invigorating alternative for anyone looking to ditch the sugar without sacrificing flavor or fun. Whether you’re after the crisp zest of Lime Twist, the sunny burst of Tangerine, the rich tang of Black Cherry Fizz, or the tropical sweetness of Juicy Mango, WYNK delivers a refreshing experience with every can.

Beyond taste, WYNK’s commitment to quality shines through its vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free formula, perfectly balanced with a microdose of THC and CBD for that chill, calm vibe without the fuss of next-day regrets. Dive into the world of WYNK and find your sweet spot for a bubbly buzz that’s just right for any occasion.

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