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THC Drinks at the Jersey Shore


Welcome to the Jersey Shore: Your Guide to THC-Infused Summer Drinks As the warmer months approach, New Jerseyans, as well as the shoobies and bennies (aka the tourists), eagerly await their trips to the mystical, magical Jersey Shore. And what better way to elevate your experience than with a refreshing can of WYNK? Whether you’re […]

Uncovering Sober Friendly Hotspots in Boston


Hello Bostonians! Come with us on a magical journey to discover sober friendly hotspots in Boston, where the drinks flow freely (sans alcohol, obvs) and with a dash of THC magic. If you’re trying to steer clear of booze and all that comes with it, hangovers, cotton-mouth dehydration, and empty calories, but you still want […]

Party Well with WYNK on 4/20 in Your City


April 20th – it’s a day that makes stoner hearts around the world burst with happiness. Be that as it may, 4/20 isn’t just about getting high as a kite. This year, WYNK is turning up the heat and reshaping the cannabis narrative with a new perspective on celebrating 420 parties in your city. As […]

Where to go for a Sober Night Out in Chicago

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Chi-town, where the nightlife is as diverse as it’s deep-dish pizza toppings. Sure, you could drink your weight in booze, but if you’re tired of your nights ending with fuzzy memories and dubious dance moves, fret not! We’ve combed the city for the best places where you can have a great time sans the booze. […]

WYNK Hitting More Shelves Across the Buckeye State

, cannabidiol drinks wynk thc water

O-H-I-O, Get Ready for More WYNK Seltzer! HELLO OHIO! We’ve got some news, just in time for 4/20. WYNK Seltzer + THC is now available in liquor stores, bars, and restaurants across the state. Whether you’re hanging at home, dining out, or bar hopping, WYNK is now proudly served! Since launching in this market in […]

Celebrate Opening Day with WYNK

, cannabidiol drinks wynk thc water

Calling all baseball fans! Opening Day is right around the corner. While the exact date can shift from year to year, sports fanatics across the country know that springtime is their time to shine. Whether you’re on a mission to catch every game or a casual fan looking to enjoy some fun in the sun, […]

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