DIY Summer Dishes That Pair Perfectly with WYNK

The sun is shining, and the stomachs are rumbling.
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By Andrew Ward

The sun is shining, and the stomachs are rumbling. Summertime chefs have ample options to choose from, whether in front of the blazing grill or the temperature-controlled kitchen. In just a few minutes or hours, you can make delicious, flavorful seasonal snacks or meals. 

While enjoying the plethora of options, why not compliment things with a subtle, low-dose fruitful buzz? Here are our top summer dishes to pair with a Wynk.


Citrus is a summer essential for most. In meals and drinks, lime livens up just about everything. 

With WYNK’s Lime Twist, you can add a smooth, subtly tangy, infused, low-dose beverage to any of these delicious recipes. 


By now, we all know that guac costs extra on our orders. A way to skirt that upcharge is by making it yourself

With just a few bucks, some kitchen basics and a couple of minutes, you can make guacamole just how you like it. Pick the ingredients, with just a few required, avocado being the essential component. Lime helps balance the many flavors in the bowl, introducing a citrus zest that can enhance the avocado’s texture. 

Depending on preferences, your recipe may also include diced tomatoes and onions, salt, garlic and spices like cayenne.


Kebabs are BBQ essentials, meaning they fit perfectly into any menu of summer dishes. Unless adhering to a particular recipe or cultural take, you can put whatever you want on your skewers. 

You’ll want to create a balance of flavors. A mix of veg and meat is recommended for the omnivores, with onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and zucchini all great choices. Meat eaters often include grilled beef, chicken or seafood, like shrimp. Prep times shouldn’t be too massive with most kebab recipes but could take a few minutes to hours, depending on how you cook the meat. 

Vegetarians will skirt that last recommendation, with portabella and cremini mushrooms being two excellent meat alternatives. 

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie is just as much a summer BBQ classic as it is a year-round mainstay in diners across America. Sweet and smooth accompanied by a citrus burst, traditional key lime pie recipes use condensed milk and sour cream. However, vegan recipes are available as well as part of your summer dishes menu.

You need just a few ingredients and about 15 to 20 minutes to prep your pie. Allow yourself about an hour and a half for your recipe to settle in the fridge. 


Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, mangos are year-round favorites. A bold, tropical flavor unlike any other, enjoy WYNK’s Juicy Mango while making these delicious options. 

summer dishes

Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa

One of the more summertime synonymous options is fish tacos. These handheld slices of paradise could pair with any fruit mentioned in this list–they’re that versatile. 

Whether enjoyed with your favorite fish or a vegetarian equivalent, mango salsa is a delicious flavor enhancer, offering a sweet kick that can pair well with various spices for a sweet-heat combo on your taco.

In any case, give yourself about 40 minutes to prepare and cook, allotting equal time to both parts. 

Tuna Mango Poke Bowls 

Poke bowls are refreshing summer dishes, with restaurants popping up to keep up with the trend of recent years. You’ll have some leeway with our poke recipe. Sushi-grade tuna is a common component, or you can utilize salmon, scallops, or tofu.

Mango is a fixture in many poke bowl recipes, adding sweetness to its diverse flavor profile. Depending on your palette, you may also want to include pickled radish, avocado, lime, sesame seeds, cilantro and various other choices. In most cases, give yourself about 30 minutes to prepare your dish.

Homemade Mango Ice Cream 

Ice cream is the perfect treat, especially during these hot summer stretches. Fruit is an excellent alternative to traditional dairy-based ice cream. Depending on your preference, you can use just about any base, with mango as a top choice. 

Making mango ice cream is relatively simple. Just scoop your ripened fruit into a freezer-safe container, freeze and then combine your mango with cream and condensed milk in a processor. Give yourself a few hours for this recipe, with waiting and freezing taking up most of the time. 

Black Cherry

Packed with flavor and nutrition, cherries are top picks for sour and sweet fans alike. Black cherries are some of the best of the cherry bunch. 

Refreshingly sweet without overwhelming the taste buds, black cherry is an ideal ingredient in numerous recipes that pair perfectly with WYNK’s Black Cherry Fizz.

Angel Hair Pasta with Chicken & Cherries

Pasta works year-round due to its versatility of ingredients, including the ample pasta choices. 

Often, when cherries are introduced to the equation, it’s as cherry tomatoes. Adding black cherry to the mix isn’t always the most common choice, but it does serve as an excellent sweetness enhancer. For example, adding cherries to a traditional angel hair pasta and chicken dish can liven up an otherwise familiar flavor combo. Adding cherries to the mix shouldn’t add much to your cooking and prep time, with most pasta dishes taking roughly 30 minutes to make. 

Lamb Chops with Cherry Balsamic Sauce and Mint

Not all summer dishes are easy to create. Making lamb chops with a cherry balsamic sauce takes more focus and effort to perfect. However, this dish is well worth the additional recipe cost and focus on your part. 

This dish typically calls for a more sour cherry for its sauce. A Black Cherry Fizz should pair well, providing a sweet component to the more sour cherry sauce. 

Prepare for a higher level of detail in making this dish, but don’t expect it to take up your day. Preparing and skillet cooking should only take about 30 minutes. 

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Black Forest Cheesecake 

Rich, chilled and sweet: cheesecake checks just about every box needed for a delicious summer treat. 

You can make your cheesecake with any fruit filling you’d like. One of the more traditionally popular choices is black forest filling. The German filling is made using layers of chocolate sponge cake, cherries and whipped cream. Swap the sponge cake for cream cheese and sour cream when making a cheesecake. 

Give yourself a few hours for this recipe. Making your filling should take less than 30 minutes, but you’ll have to wait several hours for the pie to chill before enjoying. 

Be sure to let us know your favorite recipes and how you enjoy WYNK while making them! 

Brink Wynk to the Cookout

No matter what you are eating to close out the end of summer, you can’t go wrong pairing it with Wynk cannabis-infused seltzer. Each can contains either 2.5 mg THC and 2.5 mg CBD, or 5 mg THC and 5 mg CBD.

With effects that come on quickly and gently, you can reach for a second can if you’d like to amp things up a bit. Or, wait an hour for the buzz to subside and then try another flavor. Find a Wynk retailer near you and check out our sparkling seltzers in Lime Twist, Juicy Mango, and Black Cherry.

Andrew Ward is a Brooklyn, NY based freelance journalist and copywriter. Some of Andrew’s notable publications and clients include High Times, Benzinga, Business Insider, Rolling Stone and many more.

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