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Do THC Beverages Make Your Eyes Red?

Or is that reserved for smoking joints and eating edibles? Here’s the surprising answer.
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When it comes to THC-infused drinks, the conversation often bubbles up to one curious detail: Do THC beverages make your eyes red? It’s a question that many enthusiasts and newcomers alike ponder, as the signature red-eye is a telltale—but not always welcome—sign of cannabis use. In this post, we’ll clear the haze around this topic, examining whether your favorite can of WYNK might lead to those telltale crimson peepers. We’ll sift through the science to bring you a clear-eyed understanding of THC Seltzer’s effects on your eyes.

It’s easy to love THC beverages. They kick in quickly, offer a shorter high than edibles, and allow you to chill out without waking up to a dreaded hangover. In most cases, they’re also discreet. You can easily slip a can of Wynk in a coozie, and no one will be the wiser! 

What’s not-so-discreet is the infamous red-eye side effect cannabis is known for. Do THC beverages make your eyes red? Or is that reserved for smoking joints and eating edibles? Here’s the answer to that question with a little science behind it. 

The Science Behind THC and Red Eyes

do thc beverages make your eyes red? thc-infused drinks There are a lot of blood vessels in your eyeballs. It’s easy to see them up close, especially after ingesting cannabis. We often call it “bloodshot eyes,” and it really does have to do with your blood. THC acts as a vasodilator, lowering blood pressure and opening up the blood vessels. When we ingest THC, our blood vessels dilate and become much more noticeable. Because there are so many blood vessels in our otherwise white eyeballs, it’s pretty easy to spot. 

Although bloodshot eyes are usually tied to smoking up, there are other tells that might indicate you’ve recently taken some THC. 

When we consume THC, it heads straight to the endocannabinoid receptors in the central nervous system. Cannabis consumers report that the effects offer relaxing sensations, which is often why we’re enjoying cannabis in the first place. 

What it’s also doing is relaxing all muscular responses, including how often you blink. So, as the THC takes hold, you might not respond to dry eyes as quickly as normal and therefore blink less. After a little while, this can cause dry eyes — another well-known side effect of THC. Which gives you that glossy look. 

Which Red Eyes are Worse: Edibles or Beverages?

It’s less about the form factor, and more about the dosage. THC is a vasodilator and in certain doses, will cause your eyes to turn a bit more red than normal. The dose is dependent on the person. You might consume 20 mg of THC and see no visible effects, yet your buddy had only 15 mg and can barely open his eyes. Edibles can come on stronger and may last longer than THC drinks, so the red eye might last longer. 

Here’s the interesting thing about Wynk sparkling seltzers. They contain equal amounts of THC and CBD, and CBD is not a vasodilator. If you were to consume CBD on its own, you wouldn’t get the same red eyes as you do from THC. Some other studies have indicated that CBD helps reduce the psychoactive effects of THC. So, in theory, it may also reduce other uncomfortable side effects like red or dry eyes.

How to Get Rid of Red Eyes

We’ve all been there, and it’s a dead giveaway that you’ve been imbibing cannabis. Unless you think you can get away with the old “it’s just allergies” bit, you might need some tips and tricks to tackle this annoying effect.

Eye drops are the easiest way to moisturize peepers and help soothe red eyes. Several brands specifically target red eyes to help those blood vessels return to normal. If it’s really bothering you, lie down and cool compress over your closed eyes. If you don’t want to use a cold washcloth, try using two spoons. Just put them in the fridge for about 20 minutes beforehand, and then place the backs of the spoons over your eyelids. 

Chances are, by the time you get your spoons chilled, the redness will have subsided substantially. Unless the redness is really uncomfortable, it’s easiest to wait it out. It won’t be long before your eyes return to normal. 

Start Sipp’n

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