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Games to Play While Drinking a Wynk

Enjoy this fall weather and invite your friends over for an afternoon of games and THC seltzer. Check out this list of best games to play with a buzz.
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Although Summer is slowly fading into memories of warmer days, crisp fall air and changing colors still draw us outdoors to get together with our friends and family. As we celebrate the shifting seasons–with fewer pool parties and more bonfires–bust out your favorite sweater and invite your buddies over for a day of backyard games. Don’t forget to stock up your coolers with extra Wynk so everyone can enjoy a balanced buzz and have a good time…without that next-day hangover. 

Best Cannabis Games to Play Outdoors

When we say “yard games,” you probably think of bocce ball or giant Jenga, but we wanted to inspire you to try something new. There are plenty of reasons why THC beverages make this all the more fun. Cannabis can help you get into the moment and be fully present with your friends. It can also help you hone in on the task at hand so you can score every point, see every move, and even limber up before you commit to Twister! 

But in all seriousness, a cold cannabis-infused Wynk is just the drink you need to elevate your afternoon. So get to sipping, and check out these games to play while drinking a Wynk with your friends.

ladder ball games to play while drinking a wynk

Ladder Ball

We said we wanted to think outside the box, and while ladder ball isn’t exactly unique, it’s the perfect cannabis game. Why? Well, because it requires a decent amount of hand/eye coordination! Depending on how many sips you’ve had, this can be made easier or more difficult. (wink wink). And it’s just plain fun. To play, space two three-rung ladders about 15 feet apart. Then throw a string with two balls on either end – balled bolas – onto the rungs. The top rung is worth 3 points, the middle is worth 3, and the bottom is worth 1 point—the first player to 21 wins. 



Swingball, sometimes called tennis totem, is reminiscent of tetherball. If you ever played this game at recess, you might remember whipping a volleyball on a string back and forth at your friends. Someone may have gotten knocked in the head a few times. Fortunately, swingball is a bit easier to play. The pole fits into a post that you fill with water or sand, and there is a string with a tennis ball attached to the end of it. Instead of grabbing the ball and hucking it at your friend on the other side, you use rackets. The goal is to shorten the string by hitting the ball past your opponent on the side. Your opponent is trying to knock it back your way. Whoever wraps the ball around the pole first wins.

connect four

Giant Connect Four

Yep. It’s big. Giant Connect Four is ironically four feet tall and played exactly like the regular-sized version. There are 42 holes, and two players take turns placing discs into the holes. The goal, of course, is to get four of your color discs in a row. You can stack them vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to win. While this might seem easy, you must think a few steps ahead to ensure victory. You’ll do just fine with a Wynk in one hand and a disc in the other!



Now would be an excellent time to consider a second Wynk! Twister is a hilarious classic where you twist, stretch, and contort your body in, over, and around your friends to place your hands and feet on colored dots. One player spins the wheel, calling out the next color, and you all scramble to find the closest dot without breaking your back to get there. Twister is the perfect cannabis game because it helps you loosen up to really streeeeetch all the over to ‘right foot on red.’ Last person standing wins.



Mölkky is a unique game that allows up to 2-26 players so the whole party can get in on this one. It involves knocking over wooden pins with slanted, numbered tops. To play, stand up the 12 Mölkky pins in the precise order and spacing as described in the rules. Then, use the “throwing skittle” to take turns knocking down the pins, earning points based on the number on the pin. The goal is to score exactly 50, and no more! After each player’s turn, the knocked over pins are set up again for the next player. Mölkky is a unique and challenging cannabis game to play with your friends.


Glow in the Dark Chess

If you like Giant Connect Four, you will love giant chess. A glow-in-the-dark chess set is the perfect next move if game time runs into after-hours. There are plenty of available options online with varying price points to meet your budget. You can buy a set cast in resin or even find something inflatable so that you can take it on the go. The pieces are about two feet tall, so you will have to move around the board to get a good view of your next move. If chess isn’t your thing, you can also find giant checkers set that glow in the dark. 

Grab a Wynk and Start Sipp’n

Wynk is available in 10 states with plenty of dispensary partners. Looking to get Wynk delivered? We can help with that! Try our microdose drinks with 2.5 mg THC and CBD for an even, mellow buzz to get your head into the game! Feeling fancy? Try out our THC mocktail recipes to spice up your beverage bar. We’ve got Lime Twist, Black Cherry Fizz, and Juicy Mango sparkling seltzers to appease every palate. Start sipping. When cooler weather strikes, check out our top board games to play while drinking a Wynk!

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