How to Run a Football Pool + Downloadable Grid

No matter who you are rooting for during the Big Game, we all know a football pool makes the game more fun. Download a free grid for Sunday...we even have a tool to select numbers.

As you gear up for the Big Game on February 12, have you considered running a football pool? This popular betting game is a fun way to raise the stakes by adding a bit of friendly competition to your football party. It’s easy to play, and all you need is a paper 100-square grid and a random number generator. And guess what? We’ve got both for you! 

How to Play

The game is played on a grid consisting of 100 squares. It’s divided into 10 rows and 10 columns, with the rows being labeled with numbers 0-9 and the columns also being labeled with numbers 0-9. The grid is then randomly divided into squares, with each square representing a unique combination of a row and column.

Step 1

First, establish a price for each square. Participants can purchase as many squares as they want, ensuring that the grid is filled up. Once they have paid, they can write their name in the squares of their choice, staking their claim. 

Step 2

Once the squares are accounted for, it’s time to assign them numbers. Start at the top, and move from left to right, using the Random Number Generator to draw numbers. 

Step 3

Once the numbers are assigned, the game is played by using the score of each quarter to determine the winner. The person whose square corresponds to the last digit of each team’s score wins a prize. For example, if the score of a team at the end of the first quarter is 14-10, the person whose square corresponds to the number 4 in the row and 1 in the column will win the prize.

Don’t Skimp on the Prizes

There are a few ways to split up the prizes. For example, you could divide the total of the squares sold into quarters, and the winner of each quarter of the game takes 25% of the pool. A little extra cash is always a nice win, but you can also offer prizes like movie tickets, gift cards, or a case of Wynk! You probably know which we prefer (wynk, wynk). Either way, you’re going to need some Wynk for watching the Big Game, so be sure to find a Wynk retailer near you and get those coolers filled. 

Click here to download your football pool grid:

Football pool grid

Click Here to Select Your Football Pool Numbers

Enter the fields as shown in the below example for each team to get your randomized numbers. 

Random number selector for a football pool

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