Joints vs THC Beverages: High & Effects Compared

How do joints and THC beverages compare in social settings? Learn how the high and effects are compared between smoking and drinking THC.
Joints vs THC Beverages High Effects Compared

In the evolving world of cannabis consumption, the debate between traditional joints and modern THC beverages is hotter than ever. “Joints vs THC Beverages: High & Effects Compared” delves into this discussion, offering insights into how each method impacts the user differently. From the onset of effects to the duration of the high, this blog post aims to shed light on the nuances of each experience, helping you make an informed decision about your preferred way to enjoy THC. Join us as we explore the distinctive journeys offered by smoking joints versus sipping on THC-infused beverages.

Humans are social creatures. We love to gather, celebrate, and relax in our community of friends, family, and neighbors. Throughout time, we’ve gathered to share in some kind of ritual, be it a birthday party, tailgating, or just the simplicity of meeting for morning coffee. For a long time, alcohol has been a major part of these kinds of rituals. It makes sense. It’s a social lubricant, a readily available form factor, and widely accepted. 

Yet, more and more cannabis takes center stage. As mainstream acceptance continues to grow, getting high is less taboo. For many people, that means you don’t have to puff in the garage during Thanksgiving or pop an edible in secret. Moreover, THC beverages are becoming quite popular as alcohol alternatives. No hangover, a healthier, balanced buzz, and less stigma are big wins for cannabis. 

Still, plenty of cannabis fans are diehard joint smokers and can’t imagine passing on the doobie in favor of a THC-infused drink. Both are great and serve their purpose, but if you are looking for a case comparing joints vs THC beverages, we’ve got you covered. Dig in and discover how the high compares, side effects, and occasions where you might choose one over the other. 

Joints vs THC Beverages

Smoke it or Sip It: Joints vs THC Beverages

Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how cool it is that we live in a time where we can have conversations about whether it’s more fun to get high by smoking joints or drinking cannabis-infused beverages? What a time to be alive. How do you like to get high? Whether you spark a joint or drink your THC, we can all agree cannabis makes life just a bit more enjoyable.

Onset & Duration of THC

As soon as you take a hit of cannabis, the THC floods your bloodstream. Then it travels throughout your body, delivering its delicious effects. It only takes a few minutes to feel high from smoking a joint, but if you keep passing it around the circle, you’ll get exponentially higher. Let’s say you took a few hits and are now just chilling, waiting to see how you feel. 

Within 10-20 minutes, you will experience the “peak” effects. You likely won’t get higher, but you will stay high anywhere from one to four hours. If you don’t smoke anymore, the high gradually fades away, leaving you feeling primarily sober. However, many people report feeling slightly fuzzy or groggy after the high wears off. 

Drinking THC is a whole different story. Let’s assume you sip on a can of Wynk sparkling seltzer over the course of 20-30 minutes. You will begin to feel the initial effects within 10-15 minutes. If you just have one can, you can expect the high to last about 45 minutes to one hour. Generally-speaking (and remember, effects may vary) the effects dissipate after 90 minutes.

Unlike smoking joints, drinking THC beverages comes with a softer landing. There’s much less of that fuzzy feeling; instead, you just feel clear-headed and ready to decide whether or not you’d like to have another. 

Physical Effects of THC Kicking In

How can you tell when the THC is kicking in? There are some telltale signs. For example, about a minute or two after your first hit of cannabis, you might feel a slight pinch behind the eyes. You may notice physical tension lift and subtle changes like more relaxed shoulders. Overall, you feel mellow, calm, and in a chill state of mind.

The same can be said for THC drinks, but the come-up tends to be much smoother. Because drinks like Wynk have increased bioavailability, the body absorbs them quickly, but the effects feel much more evenly distributed, especially when compared to edibles. The high is balanced and relaxed, and never overwhelming.

The biggest variable with smoking joints is that you can’t predict how high you’ll get. A bigger hit or a more potent strain can change the effects dramatically. However, drinks like Wynk will produce consistent, reliable results every time. You’ll always know what to expect, so you can trust a smooth experience without worrying about being too high or having uncomfortable side effects: nothing but an easy way to unwind. 

Pros & Cons

Joints are fun. To some people, the thrill of smoking is enough of a reason to burn one down. It’s a classic way to share cannabis with your friends, though the past few years of Covid have taught us that maybe we should share just a bit less. But joints come with plenty of downsides. For one, the burnt aroma that’s left behind can stay with you. And smoking is not exactly the healthiest practice, even if cannabis has plenty of benefits. Plus, there are a lot of places where you can’t smoke, or it’s heavily discouraged. 

If discretion is important to you, THC beverages are the better choice. You could pop a can of Wynk into a coozie and no one needs to know you’re drinking it if you don’t want them to. It’s also an excellent alcohol alternative that allows you to drink something special and hang with the crew. 

We might be biased, but we think drinking your THC is the best way to catch a buzz. That’s why we made Wynk! So say goodbye to hangovers, and relax in any setting with a balanced high from our THC:CBD seltzers.

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Get Your Wynk Drink On

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