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Skip the Parties and Hang at Home on New Year’s Eve

Baby, it's cold outside. But that's not the only reason to stay home on NYE. Check out the full list, plus our tips for having the best night in.
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It’s no secret that New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest party nights of the year. And there’s a lot of pressure to make it the best night ever, which can lead to serious disappointment if that’s not the case. 

The holiday is all about celebrating, so why not do it with friends and family at home? There’s no rule saying you must pop champagne at midnight in a crowded bar, hooting and hollering. Actually, there are plenty of reasons to skip out on this party night, and you can still have a memorable evening with your loved ones.

Why Stay Home on New Year’s? 

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you want to rage New Year’s out on the town, here are our top reasons why you should consider a low-key hang at home.

Stay Warm

December 30 is smack dab in the middle of the coldest part of the year. No matter where you live, it’s going to be a bit chillier than usual. Dressing up and going out sounds fantastic until you are waiting in line somewhere or walking from bar to bar in the snow. Why not wear what you want at home and stay cozy and warm? 

Save Money

Anyway you cut it, New Year’s Eve is a spendy night out. If you plan on drinking at all, you’ll probably have cab fare or Uber or Lyft fees. Don’t forget about surge pricing during those peak hours! If you’re driving, there’s parking to pay for, and if you have kids, don’t forget about the babysitter. Then, there’s dinner (or at least snacks at some point!) and drinks. All of this tallies up to be an outstanding bill.

Don’t Fight Traffic

If you are the designated driver for New Year’s Eve, then you have your work cut out for you. Traffic is going to be a nightmare with everyone out and about, and the weather might make the road conditions a little dicey. Not to mention, just because you’re being responsible doesn’t mean everyone is. There are plenty of drunk drivers on the road on New Year’s and you don’t want to encounter them. 

Skip the Hangover

It’s easy to get caught up in the spirit of the holiday and overindulge in alcohol. The first-day-of-the-year hangover is real. And it’s not a fun one. Starting the year off feeling refreshed is going to be undeniably better than waking up with a headache. Not everyone going out on New Year’s will end up hungover the next day, but why not stay home and reduce the chances? The 2023 you will thank yourself for it. 

Connect With Friends

Just because you went to a party with your friends doesn’t mean you got to connect with them. Swimming through a sea of people and shouting over loud music isn’t exactly the best way to really reflect on the year and plan ahead with those you love. 

Skip the Parties and Hang at Home on New Year's Eve

Tips for Hosting an Incredible New Year’s Eve Party

You know what you don’t want to do on New Year’s Eve? Go to a party and have your night ruined by a bunch of drunk people. You know what you want to do? Stay home, stay warm, and have a fabulous time! Below are some ideas for things that can make your New Year’s Eve really special with a tight-knit group. 

Keep it Small and Intimate

When you host an at-home New Year’s Eve party, you get to curate the guest list. NYE parties are usually packed with people you don’t know, so it can be challenging for everyone to connect as much as they might like on such an intimate night. Instead of going out, invite your closest pals over for an evening of friendly conversation and delicious food (or mocktails!)—you’ll be able to catch up without having any distractions getting in the way. With the right crowd, this could turn into one of those New Year’s Eve parties after all!

Start a New Tradition

The holidays are filled with traditions carried on through the generations. You can look to other countries for inspiration and eat 12 round fruits (like a grape) to ensure abundance like they do in the Philippines. Or, come up with your own ideas. For example, write down what you wish to leave behind in the passing year and what you hope for in the coming year. Then, fold up the papers and burn them in a fire-safe bin outdoors as you send your wishes off into the ashes. 

Feed Each Other Potluck-Style

Host a potluck around a theme and have everyone bring an ingredient or two. This helps share in the expense of food, and you get to make dinner together. One of our favorites is a taco bar with all the fixings. Go all out on different fillers like carne asada, pulled pork, or fried fish. Don’t forget the salsa, guacamole, fresh veggies, and bean dip. You can also make veggie burritos or quesadillas with the same ingredients. 

Have Non-Alcoholic Options

There’s no shame in having some beer, wine, or spirits at your bar, but why not offer something non-alcoholic? We don’t just mean juice and tea. We’re talking about THC mocktails! Wynk sparkling seltzers are the perfect alcohol alternative that will elevate your evening and give you just the right buzz to have a great time with your friends. Check out our THC mocktail recipes, or create your own. The hangover is the same whether you go out or stay in, so why not skip it altogether?

Plan Activities and Games

Don’t forget the entertainment! Board games and card games are always fun with the right group, and there are some NYE-centered games to match the night. To play “Who Made the Resolution,” have each guest write down a New Year’s resolution on a piece of paper. It can be one for the upcoming year, or one from years past. If you’re playing with a group of friends who’ve known each other for a long time, it can go back a long time. Take turns drawing pieces of paper from a bowl and guessing who wrote the resolution. 

Stay Safe and Cozy this New Year’s Eve

We hope we’ve inspired you to consider a New Year’s Eve at home this year. What better way to celebrate such a monumental holiday than staying home with your friends, eating all your favorite foods, and enjoying some THC seltzers? Catch a buzz, not a hangover. Above all, stay safe this New Year’s Eve and launch into 2023 feeling refreshed!

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