Are THC Drinks the New Soccer Mom Tonic?

Parenting is hard, and moms especially need a way to unwind after a long day. But, alcohol has more drawbacks than rewards. Find out why more moms than ever are switching out their wine for a cannabis beverage.
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If you haven’t heard about THC drinks, that’s because they’re relatively new in the market. Infusing cannabis into popular beverages is gaining traction with many new audiences, but one of them is parents. Let’s face it—raising kids is tough, and sometimes you just want to unwind after a long day of packing lunches, folding laundry, and drop-offs and pickups. 

Have your mom friends been sipping on something other than rosé lately? If so, it might be a THC drink. While there are plenty of reasons someone might trade alcohol for THC drinks, moms are especially hip to the trend. Find out why so many parents are ditching the evening glass of vino for something a bit more buzzworthy.

The Makings of a Soccer Mom

One day, you’re playing beer pong and partying on a Tuesday, and then somehow, you’re handing out orange slices and Gatorade at halftime. Seemingly overnight, you’ve gone from sorority girl to soccer mom

Stereotypically, a soccer mom is an over-tasked parent who drives her kids to sports practice, participates in PTA meetings, and always has freshly baked cookies for the bake sale. They are often over-scheduled but stay active to keep up with the demands of their busy lives. You’ve probably seen the “mommy needs her wine” memes used to express just how badly these tired moms need to tune out and relax.

It’s important to note that plenty of other moms out there don’t fit the model of a “soccer mom.” The term itself had its moment in social media culture, but has fallen out of favor in recent years. The truth is that all moms have a full-time job parenting, and many have a full-time job on top of parenting. Plenty of women juggle successful careers and raising kids, and it’s no easy feat. So it’s no surprise that a nightly drink (or two) helps women level out at the end of a long day. 

One thing is for certain—moms are amazing, and they deserve more TLC, or shall we say, THC! More than ever before, THC drinks are popular among this set because they offer the same relaxation as a glass of wine but without the pesky side effects.

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Breaking the Stigma With THC Drinks 

While social views are changing, in many circles, smoking cannabis is often still scrutinized. Smoking is generally regarded as something we don’t want around kids, so it’s not surprising that most moms aren’t blazing a joint in the school pickup line. 

So, what’s a discreet way to untangle that web of nerves without alcohol or the stigma of smelling like burned cannabis leaves?? Enter THC seltzers. Wynk sparkling seltzers are sugar and calorie-free and flavored with natural fruit flavors.

How does it work? Wynk seltzers are infused with THC, which is the psychoactive component of cannabis. It also contains equal parts CBD to offer a balanced ratio of cannabinoids. The effects kick in within about 15 minutes but fully dissipate in just under a couple of hours. 

The appeal to new parents might be obvious: you can enjoy an adult treat without worrying about being intoxicated or losing control of yourself in front of others. And THC seltzers pair great with all sorts of occasions: backyard barbeques, parties, camping trips, and many other social occasions.

You might be surprised to find that microdosing cannabis may help you tune into parenting instead of wanting to tap out.

Still, the biggest bonus? No alcohol hangovers. Ask any mom her worst-case scenario in the morning, and she’ll probably share a story of a screaming kid up before dawn, after a few too many margaritas at happy hour the night before.

A Better Buzz Than Edibles

There’s an apparent difference between THC beverages and edibles. Whereas the latter are ingested, THC drinks are consumed through the mouth and throat—and thus have a different effect on your body.

One of those differences is that consumers report that drinking cannabis does not produce the same bodily high as eating it has been known to do. According to many people who enjoy THC beverages, drinking cannabis beverages offers a lighter, “airier” effect that doesn’t feel as intense as a full-blown edible cannabis experience. Edibles tend to sneak up on you and hit you all at once, which can be uncomfortable, disorienting, or send you straight for a nap; which is not a luxury many moms can afford when the kids are still up and at it.

A Different Kind of Happy Hour

If you’re a parent interested in experimenting with different ways to unwind, THC-infused beverages are one option you might want to consider. These drinks have been gaining popularity among the soccer mom (and soccer dad) set, who like that they offer a refreshing experience that fits their lifestyle in a way joints or edibles don’t. 

Wynk is available in 10 states nationwide, with plenty of retail partners. Head to the Store Locator to find the closest retail location. Or, read our blog on How to Get Cannabis Drinks Delivered to Your Home, and you can work on after-school science projects while your Wynk is on the way. 

Although Wynk is delicious on its own, these THC mocktail recipes will add something special to a happy hour that you might want to try. Enjoy!

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